The Future of The Fantastic Four

For months, comic book fans have been talking about what the Fantastic Four Reboot has in store for us. 20th century Fox released trailers that were truly blowing our minds and raising our expectations.

But, as we came close to the debut of the film, fans have been very displeased with the reboot. Rotten Tomatoes didn’t give it such a high score and some reviews from critics have been mostly negative. Although, some fans were appreciative of the cast and visuals, most of the hatred was pointed towards the script and pacing.

I personally have not seen it yet. But I’ll just have to wait and see. Nevertheless, fans are now hoping that the movie rights get reverted back to Marvel so that they can include them in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It doesn’t sound like a bad idea, but we’ll just have to see how well the movie does in theaters everywhere on August 7th. If it’s successful, it might get a sequel. If it fails miserably, they’ll definitely need to reach out for help from Marvel Studios. One can only wonder what the  future holds for the Fantastic Four franchise.

Image source: comicbook.com

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