Series Review: Snow White with the Red Hair (Anime)

Series Review: Snow White with the Red Hair (Anime)


A very good,but short anime series that follows all the typical criteria for a good, girly shoujo anime. The animation and wonderful character development demonstrates its ability to be a favourable new tv series with a lot of potential. If you like anime this is worth checking out.

Animation style10.0
Voice Actors9.0

A short new series of Snow White with the Red Hair has just recently finished airing on Funimation. The series consists of twelve episodes adapted from the manga with the same name. And honestly, it is a ridiculously cute shoujo and I absolutely loved it!

As a typical girl, to me, the idea of being swept off your feet by a handsome prince is pretty dreamy even when your about to hit your twenties. Vaguely based on the fairy tale of Snow White, the anime focuses on the main character Shirayuki who has vibrant red hair. Deemed unusual, she is constantly fussed over and subjected to danger because of it. So much so the prince Raji of her home Tanbarun forces her to become his concubine, which causes her to runaway. Shirayuki runs away into the next Kingdom and befriends Zen Wistalia second prince of Clarines.

Like any typical shoujo there is a definite romance between the two characters which isn’t dragged out for too long (Thank God). Zen’s personal aides Mitsuhide and Kiki are great characters integrated with a brotherly and sisterly relationship. Mitsuhide’s clumsy and loyal personality contrasts with Kiki’s strong, reserved and independent personality. This causes several comedic moments between the two, usually ending in Mitsuhide being very embarrassed. Obi is another aide introduced later in the series and seems to be a lone wolf; and a possible rival for Zen for Shirayuki’s affections. This becomes shortly lived as he joins them in the group and pledges loyalty to Zen, thus restraining himself as just a friend to Shirayuki.

The characters were all lovable and the storyline of each episode was up to a decent standard. There was an equal balance of drama, action, comedy and romance. While some of the aspects were over the top, like when Shirayuki she gets kidnapped because of her hair colour. It works, but it’s weird. Then again, it’s anime and anything works in anime and it’s best not to question it. I cannot wait for a second series which I have to wait for a whole year for, but the manga is still going so I’m hopeful we will see a few more series yet to come.

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