What If Odell Beckham Jr Never Made That Catch?

Everybody saw it, the catch against the Dallas Cowboys. After that catch he blew up, but what if he never made that catch? I’m not talking about the impact of the game, but the impact on his career. After Odell Beckham Jr made that catch he got famous in the blink of an eye. People started comparing him to Randy Moss, Thots on Instagram started making him MCM, he got the Madden Cover. All of this popularity off one catch. Even on ESPN they showed the College Football analysts trying to make one handed catches and they did. The reality is that OBJ is overrated. Everybody got so enamored by one catch and now he’s god. Don’t get me wrong OBJ can play but don’t define him after one catch. It’s like an NBA Dunk contest winner like Gerald Green, Zach LaVine and Jason Richardson, they are only known as good dunkers. You overrate them because you’re fascinated with their dunking. No matter what those guys do in their careers they’ll always be known as the dunkers.

OBJ hasn’t gotten alot of attention for the wrong reasons. It was one catch. Last year, he had 12 TD’s and over 1000 receiving yards but people don’t pay attention to that. They like the catch. His name will always be linked to the catch. Even people who don’t know him will know him as the guy who made that cool catch during the game. There was this college kid who scored 139 in a game and I haven’t heard of him since.

Odell Beckham Jr is a good player but his career shouldn’t be defined by a catch. I bet guys will pick him up 1st round in their fantasy leagues because of his catch. He was better off not making that catch so people can appreciate his skill.

Image Source: Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images North America

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