Season Premiere Review: The Flash

Season Premiere Review: The Flash


Even with a lackluster villain, season two of The Flash started off very strong. The acting performances from the entirety of the cast was very solid and sets up for what can be a very good season two.

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Note: Spoilers contained in review

After having a very successful first season, season two of The Flash looks to build off that success and Tuesday nights premiere got off on a great foot.

The acting for the show has always been above average but Grant Gustin‘s Barry Allen/The Flash, continues to grow in the right direction. At the end of the first season, we see The Flash having to deal with the biggest threat to Central City, the temporal vortex.

The show picks up six months after vortex where we see a very depressed Barry Allen pushing his family and friends away because of what happened. Through the first half of the episode we see why and it is determined that not only did Eddie Thawne sacrifice himself for Barry and the city which we say last year, but the episode also showed Ronnie sacrifice himself as well.

After the six month time jump, we see the lives of our protagonists as Cisco is now working with Joe in the police department which really shined in this episode. Jesse L. Martin and Carlos Valdes really had great chemistry in their scenes together. Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker), meanwhile, left Star Labs and seemed to distance hereself from the team but that was mainly due to Barry’s request.

This weeks baddie was that of the “Atom Crusher” who wasn’t very great compared to some Flash villans we’ve seen in the past. He was basically the means to Barry finally asking his friends for help. With the introduction of Jay Garrick at the end of the episode, Barr will continue to grow as The Flash this season and potentially get a new mentor like character in Garrick.

The big twist came at that of Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanaugh) confessing to the murder of Nora Allen, freeing Barry’s father. This was a great moment for the show and something I’m glad they closed up after spending the entirety of season one talking about. How Barry’s father will fit into the landscape of the show, but it’s a great plot-line nonetheless.

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