Toronto Blue Jays: Canada’s Team

For the first time in 22 years, the Toronto Blue Jays have broken through the regular season barrier and into the World Series Playoffs. Also, for the first time in 22 years the Rogers Centre has seen its team win the ALDS. The last team to come back from a 2-0 deficit was the 2003 Boston Red Sox only to fall short to the New York Yankees in the ALCS. The difference between the 2003 Red Sox and the 2015 Blue Jays is that the Jays have far more than the city of Toronto on their side, they have Canada, east to west.

Although quiet in games 1 and 2 the Jays sluggers game alive for the rest of the series. The finishing blow was giving to the Rangers by Jose Bautista, pushing the jays up 3 runs in the 6-3 victory. Bautista, the 8 year veteran for the blue birds has had his fair share of success, playing in 962 games he has had 243 home runs and 632 runs batted in, there is probably no sweeter feeling than the moonshot he had tonight.

As a Canadian teenager, the only sporting venue I’ve seen have this big of an impact on the population would be the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Any Canadian that is old enough to remember those games will remember, “The Goal” scored by Sidney Crosby to lock in the Men’s Hockey Team’s victory, and many Canadian’s are hoping for “The Hit” or “The Catch” that will be remembered for decades to come.

Throughout the regular season, many people were predicting that this is the best Blue Jays team that has ever been, this comes with big thanks to off-season pick ups of Josh Donaldson, who is in contention for AL MVP, and Russell Martin, who added fantastic all around play and some Canadian character to the Jays opening day squad. There were huge mid-season deals as well with acquiring of new-found Ace, David Price and one of the games best defensive shortstops, Troy Tulowitzki. There has also been key players come out of the shadows such as Kevin Pillar and Chris Colabello.

One of my favourite childhood memories comes from watching the Blue Jays in my great-grandfather’s Nova Scotia home, and how frustrated he would be by many of the games outcomes. One thought that constantly comes into my mind is how happy he would be watching the Jays this year and how his dedication to the team would have all been worth it. To many Canadians this is more than just a hometown team winning the World Series, this is a glimmer of hope for Canadian baseball fans and players all over the country. This year may not be the year, but millions of people are glued to their TV’s, just incase it is.

Image Source: Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images North America

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