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Tonight was the 7th annual WWE TLC Event live from Boston, Massachusetts. There was a small outage of the WWE Network tonight so I missed the majority of the Becky Lynch Sasha Banks pre-show match, so I can’t really judge the match all I know is the result. Hometown girl Sasha Banks wins with the ‘Bank Statement’. Now on to the main show

Match #1: Triple threat ladder match for the WWE Tag Team titles: New Day Vs. Lucha Dragons Vs. The Usos

This match lit a fire for the tag team division. All teams involved laid it all on the line. Bodies were flying everywhere, and ladders were broken. This is the first time in a long time these guys have shown what they can really do. There was plenty of back and forth, but in the end, New Day’s three man advantage took over for them to retain the tag team titles.

Match #2: Rusev w/Lana Vs. Ryback

This match was standard fare, no stipulation nothing on the line. It was just a good old fashioned grudge match. Ryback had the advantage until he showed concern for Lana, who feigned being hurt. In the end, Rusev locked on The Accolade to make the beaten Ryback pass out.

Match #3: Chairs match for the United States title Jack Swagger Vs. Alberto Del Rio (C)

Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio have reignited an old feud. Personally, I think “Chairs” matches are a lame stipulation, just go ahead and make it no DQ so they can use something other than a chair which is one of the most common foreign objects in wrestling, but I digress.

The match was solid with what looked to be a painful finish as Del Rio hits a top rope double foot stomp with a chair to Swagger, whose legs were trapped in the tree of woe position in the corner.

Match #4: Eight Man Elimination Tag Team Tables Match: The Wyatt Family Vs Team ECW (The Dudley Boys, Tommy Dreamer, and Rhyno)

This match was reminiscent of the original ECW, before it was bought out and watered down by WWE. Though there was one incident that stood out drastically. As Erick Rowan had D-Von Dudley laid out on a table, Rowan comes off the top rope but overshoots. As D-Von was rolling off of the table it broke seemingly by itself. There was even a tease of a flaming table, but of course, WWE is a PG show now, and that didn’t happen.

The order of eliminations for this match were as follows:

Erick Rowan, Rhyno, D-Von Dudley, Dreamer, and Bubba Ray Dudley. Dreamer and Bubba Ray were able to hold off the three on two advantage with the use of kendo sticks but in the end, they followed the buzzards. Bubba Ray was choke slammed through a lighter fluid soaked table by Braun Strowman for the Wyatt Family win. I for one was happy because I am a huge Wyatt Family fan, and it’s hard to take them seriously as the new faces of fear if they keep losing month after month.

Match #5: Intercontinental Title match: Dean Ambrose Vs. Kevin Owens(C)

Ambrose Vs. Owens was an incredible match from start to finish. There was plenty of back and forth between both men. The finish came when Owens went for his Pop-up Powerbomb, but Ambrose reversed into a sunset flip for the win to become the new WWE Intercontinental Champion.

Match #6: WWE Divas Title match: Paige Vs. Charlotte Flair(C) w/ Ric Flair

The Divas revolution is going strong in WWE for what it is. Though I don’t understand why 8 of the 9 Divas who get TV time are heels (wrestling nomenclature for the bad guy). The in-ring work was solid throughout but it was “The Nature Girl” in the end with some her dad’s questionable tactics to win the match and retain her WWE Divas Title after removing a middle turnbuckle and dropping Paige face first into it. One thing I wish WWE would do is allow the Divas to do more than just normal standard rules matches. Show the WWE Universe that the Divas are more than just pretty faces. At least, allow them to compete in ladder matches.

Match #7: Main Event Tables, Ladders, And Chairs match for the WWE World Heavyweight Title Roman Reigns Vs. Sheamus(C)

This match started off strong and fast from the opening bell, with both men holding nothing back. Roman Reigns bruised Sheamus’ jaw early with a stiff punch. There was total chaos as the tables, ladders, and chairs came into play. Once again Roman Reigns had the title within his grasp but was foiled by Sheamus’ fellow members in the League of Nations.

After the match. Roman finally snapped from the frustration of being cheated out of a title run for the fourth time this year. As he is mercilessly beating Sheamus with a chair, The Authority comes out to try to restore order. This leads to Roman beating down Triple H and the crowd is finally starting to get behind him, which I am glad to see. I like Roman Reigns, but he needs to lose the vest. If someone is supposed to be so tough why would they need a protective vest?

WWE TLC 2015 was a solid show, 4 out of 5-stars . Now it is time for every wrestling fan’s favorite time of year. Get ready, the road to Wrestlemania begins next month at the Royal Rumble. What do you readers think will happen next?

Best moment of WWE TLC 2015: Kalisto hits the Salida Del Sol from the top of a ladder.

Most underwhelming match: Rusev Vs. Ryback

Match of the night: Ladder Match for the WWE Tag Team Titles.



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