Kid Ink’s “Summer In The Winter”

On December 25th, 2015 rapper Kid Ink dropped his brand new studio album “Summer In The Winter”. This is the artists fourth project, and since his start half a decade ago, Kid Ink has managed to create multiple club bangers and hits, and this album has it’s fan anticipating will this be an early Christmas present or a lump of coal?

What makes this album a proposed chart topper is the fact it’s entirely produced by DJ Mustard, and for anyone that knows main stream hip hop will know what to expect from this album. This project also brings some notable appearances from Omarion, to Akon to Fetty Wap, who all make there tracks sound like potenial radio hits.
For fans of hit maker DJ Mustard produced tracks, you will enjoy this release as it sounds exactly as you expect it should, as none of the tracks sound bad at all. The only downside of this album I can pick is the weakness of Kid Ink’s flow and weak vocals over the melodies.

I haven’t heard many rap albums from start to finish that sound good, but Kid Ink’s project manages to make up for the lack of quality hip hop over the last few years. The only issue is that there isn’t enough tracks to give this album any justice. It’s short length projects it into the same league as a mixtape, if it consisted of 16+ tracks I think it would manage to compete with other studio albums. In saying that though I still believe it will give any hip hop album a run for it’s money come award season.

The 11 track album has currently peaked at number 5 on the ITunes charts and showcases Kid Ink’s ability to craft a project that fit’s it’s objective perfectly.

Rating 4.5 out of 5

“Summer In The Winter” tracklisting and credits:

1. Bunny Ranch
2. Real Recognize
3. Promise (feat. Fetty Wap)
4. Rewind (feat. Akon)
5. Blowin’ Swishers, Pt. 2 (feat. Starrah)
6. Same Day
7. Bank
8. Summer in the Winter (feat. Omarion)
9. Good Idea (feat. Bïa)
10. That’s on You
11. Time Out
*All tracks produced by DJ Mustard

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