Watch JJ Abrams’ surprise Cloverfield sequel trailer, 10 Cloverfield Lane

While Director/Producer J.J. Abrams was keeping Star Wars: Force Awakens a mystery for us for a couple of years, he had another top-secret project in the makings, Cloverfield‘s follow-up film, 10 Cloverfield Lane.

10 Cloverfield Lane is directed by Dan Trachtenberg and stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Final Destination 3, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World), John Goodman (Roseanne, The Babe, Monster’s Ink, The Flintstones) and John Gallegher, Jr. (Spring Awakening).

In spite of the fact that the title of the film causes you to think it’s indeed a Cloverfield sequel, Abrams has stated that it’s more of a blood-related film to Cloverfield. Let’s not forget that Trachtenberg’s project wasn’t initially named 10 Cloverfield Lane, as it was previously known as Valencia.

Anyways, let’s get to that trailer.

To clarify what’s happening. The official synopsis reveals that a woman, who wakes up from a car accident, is in a basement and where she is told that she has been “saved” from a chemical attack that has left the outside world uninhabitable. Uncertain about the truth, she decides to leave and to face the dangers that the chemical attack has caused.

10 Cloverfield Lane is set to hit theaters on March 11, 2016.

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