Panic! At The Disco’s New Album ‘Death Of A Bachelor’

Panic! At The Disco has to be one of the only bands in the world that is always changing and evolving their music style within every album. The last album ‘Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die!’ released in 2013, didn’t really do it for me. I only liked a couple of their songs, but I found them too different. I stopped listening to them, until the other day when I heard their new song ‘Victorious’ on TV. I instantly fell back in love with them.

Like P!ATD, my tastes over time have also evolved. Their fifth studio album ‘Death Of A Bachelor’ was released on 15th January of this year and is a joy to listen to. The merging of rock and swing elements really gave it a new sense vibrancy and made it uniquely fun. In particular ‘Death of A Bachelor’ follows the Frank Sinatra vibe with its mash-up of pop-rock and swing. My personal favourite, ‘Crazy=Genius’ is particularly upbeat and would make an energetic dance number. ‘House Memories’ and ‘The Good, The Bad And The Dirty’, on the other hand, focuses on the techno-pop-rock elements.

The influences from classic artists is another reason to why I am fond of this album. It’s refreshing because it’s not like the songs in the charts, which all sound the same. I expect the album to do quite well over the next couple of weeks. I wasn’t expecting to like this album, but I’m glad I was proven wrong.

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