The Mummy bags Tom Cruise and new release date

Image Source: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

Universal has announced that The Mummy, which is set to kickstart their budding shared monsters universe, has moved from its original March 24th 2017 release date to a prime summer release on June 8th 2017.

As mentioned earlier, The Mummy will kickstart Universal’s shared monsters universe and will be followed by Dracula, Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, The Invisible Man and Van Helsing.

The studio also confirmed that every man Tom Cruise will lead the film alongside co-star Sofia Boutella.

Whilst the announcement doesn’t reveal what roles Cruise and Boutella will play, early rumours suggest Cruise will play an ex-Navy SEAL whilst Boutella will play the titular Mummy. The current plan is to have Cruise drift through the shared universe thus tying the films together.


This is a major shock. Universal’s planned shared monster universe has been met with such derision. It appeared a contrived franchise move intended to mimic models growing over at Marvel and Warner Bros.

But with one piece of casting Universal has resuscitated its shared universe. Cruise is experiencing a resurgence in his career. Some would argue he is at his peak and consistently churning out bankable and entertaining films regardless of the genre. And the man loves to work. That’s all he ever does. Take a global star like Tom Cruise and attaching him to a middling project like this and you peak interests.

Cruise is also very picky with his projects. This is a star who loves getting involved with projects very early on in development and often works as a producer as well as the lead. Cruise boarding the project certainly points to quality in the script and vision for the reboot.

It is very rare that one piece of information can so drastically shift tone on a whole universe let alone a single film. Universal is showing everyone that they’re dead serious about their shared monster universe.

Alex Kurtzman, who was hired by Universal to brainstorm the Universal monster universe, will direct The Mummy reboot.

However, the change does put The Mummy against two films. The first is The Divergent Series: Ascendant, a film it should naturally bowl over. The second, World War Z 2, could be very interesting indeed. The Mummy reboot and World War Z 2 are targeting the same audience and as a result, we could have Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise going head to head at the box office.

The Mummy will hit theatres on June 8th, 2017.

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