Who will win the NBA All-star weekend dunk contest?

Four high-flyers with the most athletic, pulsating and insane slam dunks prepared will set the stage for a night of excitement at the Air Canada centre on February 13th. The slam dunk contest has a rich history with many big names winning the contest in the past. Some of the craziest dunks imaginable have been shown off in this event over the years and this year looks set to do the same. The field was announced recently and this year’s dunkers will be Zach LaVine, Andre Drummond, Aaron Gordon and Will Barton.

Here’s a short breakdown of each contestant:


Zach Lavine – Minnesota Timberwolves

The sophomore is the defending champ of this competition and here’s why:

It’s good to see that Zach can dunk, however, circumstances have changed since last year, he no longer starts, and he is not playing as many minutes as last year. Has that stopped him from slamming down some absolutely ferocious dunks this season? Absolutely not. Most people are tipping him to hold onto the title for another year.


Will Barton – Denver Nuggets

Will ‘The Thrill’ Barton. Most casual NBA fans might be saying right now, who is Will Barton? Well my friends, this is Will Barton:


That last one against Houston was insane, plus there are other dunks this season that aren’t in that clip that are also amazing. Barton is averaging 15 points and 6 boards off the bench and you can see why with his athletic ability. I’m excited to see what he can do in his contest.


Andre Drummond – Detriot Piston

For some reason, the last couple of years the NBA has had a fixation with naming one big tall lanky guy to the competition. This year, it’s Andre Drummond’s turn to try and dazzle us with some athletic ability.


With his long arms, Drummond has the ability to reach the rim from further away, opening up a whole range of dunks. However, these dunks mainly consist of alley-oops and he’s going to need to do more than that to win the contest.

Aaron Gordon – Orlando Magic

Aaron Gordon is another participant who you need to keep an eye on next Saturday.


At 6’9, Aaron Gordon has some good athleticism for his height. He’s been known to pop a major dunk every now and then.  In college, he was known for his nasty dunks and he actually won his high school dunk contest.


This year’s dunk contestants have some pretty decent highlights so let’s hope they all get creative and show us some ferocious dunks.


  1. Will Barton
  2. Zach Lavine
  3. Aaron Gordon
  4. Andre Drummond


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