OutLoud! Culture Podcast Episode 11: Fire Emblem Fates

Hey there people. Got a little bit of an emergency podcast for you guys here! Last week we were scheduled to do a Pokémon podcast, but that had to be canceled, since the scheduled contributors weren’t able to make it in time for recording. This week we were scheduled to talk Deadpool, but with all the controversy surrounding Fire Emblem Fates, I figured it was best for us to tackle it this weekend instead of next weekend with the regularly scheduled gaming podcast. As such, Deadpool has been bumped off to next week. This week we’re mostly covering Fire Emblem Fates, but since we were here, we decided to cover as much of this month in gaming as we could before getting bored and stopping. We also talk about the Dice Awards towards the end, and give our opinions on who should have won or been nominated, because Vlad Pavlov and I missed those on the awards podcast.

Here’s the Fire Emblem Fates thread I mentioned in the video.
We forgot to talk about the character builder being censored in Xenoblade Chronicles X American version, the animations/taunts being censored in Street Fighter V everywhere, and the American Indian costume being replaced by a Cowboy in Bravely Second‘s American version.
I also attempted to reference the origin of the name of #TorrentialDownpour, and I mixed up Operation Rainfall, the movement to get The Last Story, Xenoblade Chronicles and Pandora’s Tower brought to North America with Operation Moonfall, the movement to get Majora’s Mask 3D made. Derp.

In case you miss an episode, or want to marathon the whole series at once, you can find the series playlist here.
Every week, I’m joined by members of the OutLoud! Culture staff to discuss a new topic off of the big list we accumulate in the downtime between each episode. We’ll discuss anything from whole genres of media to a specific episode of a TV show. At the beginning of every month we cover all the gaming news we can find in This Month in Gaming. If you have any suggestions for topics, feel free to put them in the comments section below, and if we decide to use them we’ll mention your name in the podcast.

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