How good could D.J. Augustin be?

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The Denver Nuggets recently acquired D.J. Augustin in a trade that sent shooting guard Randy Foye to Oklahoma City Thunder in return for D.J., Steve Novak and 2 second round picks. Foye’s production this year was significantly down as he was averaging career low numbers for 3PT FG%, so it wasn’t hard for D.J. to add this team initially, but D.J.’s first 5 minutes against the Kings really impressed me.

Augustin tallied up 5 assists in a frenetic 5 minutes that initiated a Denver comeback, plus he had chemistry with Joffrey straight away and all 5 assists were open dunks for Joffrey. Not only does Augustin assist but he also has a very good 3-pt shot, he scored two 3 pointers in both games (shooting a total of 4/9 from 3). However, a pair of those were heaves from half court so I think we can count on him to have a reliable shot. He’s averaged 40.6% from behind the arc this year which is miles ahead of Randy Foye’s abysmal 27%. Although he averaged 37.3% over his career, this is due more to his poor shot selection than anything else, so to think he can push 40% for the rest of the season which is well above average.

His turnover numbers are also very good, Augustin has never averaged over 2 turnovers a game in a season even when averaging up to 33 minutes per game. This could be one of his more important stats as Malone loves it when his players keep hold of the ball and recently the Nuggets have had trouble keeping possession of the ball.

The acquisition of D.J. Agustin is certainly an underrated move by the Nuggets’ front office. His stats won’t tell you how well he truly performs, mostly since he doesn’t try to be flashy, but he gets the job done and is always looking to push the pace and start the offence quickly which has been a problem for the Nuggets. When they have those bad stretches where there’s no movement, D.J. can just run and get people moving, open spaces and then thread the needle for open shots.

With his quick play, 3-point shooting and assist skills that fit nicely with the Nuggets’ system, Augustin absolutely has a future in Denver. He can have a nice backup role behind Mudiay but can also play minutes at SG due to his scoring capabilities, leaving him loads of minutes to make an impact on the floor.

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