A Day To Remember Releases New Song, “Paranoia”

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They’re right back at it again. Pun totally intended.

Besides touring, A Day to Remember hasn’t done too much since the release of Common Courtesy back in 2013. However that changed on Wednesday when the five boys from Ocala, Florida released “Paranoia,” which you can stream HERE.

Clocking in at seven minutes and twenty-three seconds long, the track is definitely one of the band’s longer tracks. Despite the length of “Paranoia,” fans of the band shouldn’t be intimidated because the song has all of the attributes that they know and love from the previous albums. Without a shadow of a doubt, the song will join the band’s musical rotation in their upcoming tour this year.

Unfortunately, the release of “Paranoia” doesn’t mean that the band will be writing a new album anytime soon. If anything, it seems as if there is no future album coming anytime soon according to the band’s frontman, Jeremy McKinnon:

“You’re acting like there’s some mystery album floating out there in the ether and I’m telling you, there’s not. It’s one of those random things, we were just in the room, together, writing some music casually, for fun with no expectations. We’d been doing it for a few weeks, just kicking around some new ideas and Kevin just started playing this random riff and it just snowballed from there. We wrote it in one day.”

However, just like they always say in the music industry, never say never. After all, it was only a few months ago when Weezer released “Thank God For Girls” and “Do You Wanna Get High?” before saying that they would not be doing an album. Fast forward a little bit and those two songs will be released on their upcoming April 1st album, The White Album.”

Even if A Day to Remember doesn’t release another album soon, their schedule is still busy. As mentioned before, they have an upcoming tour which contains 10 dates (all in the US) and lasts throughout May. Approaching sooner is their Self Help Festival, which is on March 19th.

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