OutLoud! Culture Podcast Episode 16: Daredevil Season 2

I know we said that we were going to be talking about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice this week, but we weren’t able to get everyone together in time, so Alexander Trovini and I have decided to talk about the second season of the Netflix series, Daredevil. We talk about how the series compares to the first season of the series, Jessica Jones, what we expect out of future installments of the Netflix series in the MCU, and how it stands up to the 2003 Daredevil film.

NEXT WEEK we should have our full crew together for Batman v Superman. I’m trying to get as many varied opinions about the film into the podcast as I possibly can so we don’t wind up with the same situation we had in back in episode one, where Vlad and I just agreed about Man of Steel  and Supergirl for an hour before tangenting off into other topics for fifteen minutes.

In case you miss an episode, or want to marathon the whole series at once, you can find the series playlist here.
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