Lukas Graham releases self-titled album

Lukas Graham

Danish pop-soul band Lukas Graham recently released their self-titled album worldwide following the success of their single 7 Years which topped the charts in the UK and reached no. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US. The album does well to showcase frontman, Lukas Graham Forchhammer’s strong vocals. Forchhammer’s vocal performance is impeccable and his restraint in certain parts only serves to increase the emotional impact of the songs.

There are whiffs of Amy Winehouse‘s influence on the songwriting while the more uptempo tracks could easily be found on a Cee Lo album. These soulful influences combined with the electro-infused production gives the album a modern feel that could easily find itself competing for radio play. However, some songs suffer from over-the-top production which comes off as overly dramatic (case in point, Better Than Yourself).

Overall, the album is a well-made enjoyable listen even if it does suffer from the occasional misstep. It isn’t groundbreaking but it pulls through with decent songwriting. Definite highlights include 7 Years, Strip No More and gospel ballad Funeral.

Lukas Graham is now available for purchase on iTunes and can be streamed on Spotify.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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