Justin Bieber And Cody Simpson’s Track “Stay Together” Leaks Online

A song from Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson’s scrapped duet album has leaked online. Some fans name the unreleased track “Stay Together”, while others are calling it “Let Go”. The accoustic ballad is about that lost feeling you encounter after a breakup.

Back in 2014, Simpson revealed that he was working on a collaboration album with Justin Bieber. However, after releasing their first single “Home to Mama” in early 2015, the project was seemingly put on hold. Simpson sat down with MTV in 2015 where he spoke about the project. “We worked on a lot of music, and that one [‘Home to Mama’] we considered to be special. It was a cool opportunity for me to get in and write some great songs, and Justin has some great melodies and everything. We collaborated, but we both thought it was best, since we are both going down different music paths, to come back to [the project] when we are both in more established places. Basically, we wanted to do it at a time where we are both sort of musically separated from each other”.

In July of 2015 Simpson confirmed that he and Justin decided to put there efforts aside. “We worked on a bunch of other songs, but then we decided to put them away, because we both had different directions we wanted to go in. Not because we didn’t want to be friends, I just wanted to truck as much as I can down this way and he wanted to reestablish himself in this world over here, so we didn’t want to release something where people are like, ‘Oh, these two kids are just the same.’ “.

It’s a shame this project was put to a halt because from what I have heard from this never released album, well let’s just say it was sheer genius. Both there soulful voices match the acoustic urban sound that is very similar to John Mayer. On a positive note Simpson did reveal that he didn’t rule out a possibility the duo would team up again, as they had already cut enough tracks for an album. “Once I establish myself down this path and he’s down his path, it’s much more interesting… when you see two artists that are so different come together,” Simpson said. We can only hope this album eventually comes out, I know I was highly anticipating it. Listen to “Stay Together” below and feel free to tell us what you guys think….

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