John Mayer Releases The First Wave For “The Search For Everything”

For the first time in three years John Mayer lived up to his promise and dropped his new 4 track EP enitlted “Wave One”. The new EP gives us a sneak peek at some of the songs that will feature on Mayer’s brand new album “The Search For Everything”. The artist took to his twitter to convey his feelings for this upcoming project saying “My heart’s racing. These songs represent literally hundreds of hours of living inside of these little worlds. And more to come,”. “Wave One” includes the current single “Love On The Weekend”, plus the new songs “Moving On And Getting Over”, “Changing” and You’re Gonna Live Forever In Me”.

According to a press release distributed by Mayer’s record label Columbia Records, “Wave One” is the first of multiple four-track releases to come over the next few months. This will all combine to make a full album release in the spring. As no exact date for the finished project has been revealed, one thing that was hinted at, is a possible team up with acoustic crooner Ed Sheeran. The song will feature on Sheeran’s album, and consist of a unaccredited guitar solo by Mayer. “I got John Mayer on a guitar solo that’s uncredited that’s quite cool,” Sheeran announced during an interview with WestWoodOne’s Zach Sang Show on Friday. “I did a really terrible guitar solo on a song and I was like, ‘I bet John Mayer could do this better.’ So I emailed him and he did it a lot better.”

From the sounds of “Wave One” we can still expect to hear more of that bluesy path Mayer has recently taken on his previous two studio albums. Me personally I haven’t been a fan of that genre he’s explored, and want his old sound back. But one positive note is that Mayer has revealed a portion of the albums credits which include former “Continuum” collaborators Steve Jordan, Pino Palladino, Chad Franscoviak and Martin Pradler. So it gives me a bit of hope that the album will have a hint of the old John Mayer on it.

Listen to the new tracks below and feel free to let us know what you guy’s think….

*Image Source: peopledotcom



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