Linkin Park Preview “One More Light”

Linkin Park have released there new single, a song that’s a little more mainstream electronic pop than we’re used to from the band. The song entitled “Heavy” features vocals from rising female vocalist Kiiara, and it’s out May 19th. The song showcases both Kiiara and the bands lead singer Chester Bennington vocal sparring over a pop groove of electronic synths and percussion. “Heavy” definitely showcases Chester’s vocal dynamics and how well it can compete with the powerhouse Kiiara.

“Heavy” was debuted with a stripped down acoustic version over Facebook Live, and during the live stream Linkin Park also performed “Crawling” and “Burn It Down” and also discussed writing, producing and recording there new LP “One More Light”. Mike Shinoda discussed that “Heavy” was the first single due to the fact it reflected the tone of the new album. “One of the reason’s why we chose ‘Heavy’ as the first single is because it is really the core sound of the album,” Shinoda said. “This wasn’t a scenario where the whole album sounds one way and the single sounds different. This is how the album sounds. So we wanted to go out with a song like that, where everybody can get a sense of the direction of this body of work.”

“Heavy” was co-written by Justin Tranter and Julia Michaels who have penned hits for the likes of Selena Gomez, Gwen Stefani and Justin Bieber. It seems Linkin Park are trying to evolve more into a commercial market, but the risk here however is they could be bound to lose there core fan base. Once a band that was known for there heavy sound, seems like now that could be a thing of the past. I just hope Shinoda’s hip hop element isn’t lost from there newly established sound.

Mike Shinoda and the band had been working on “One More Light” for several years now, and told Rolling Stone magazine back in January 2016 about it stating “I’ve been on a tear in the studio right now with the band, We’ve been making so much new material. … A lot of this stuff is, we’re just kind of experimenting a lot with all the different directions the band can go.” This will mark the band’s seventh LP and is available to pre-order now.

*Image Source: assets5.radiox.co.uk

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