Charli XCX Proves She’s The One To Watch In Pop As The “Number 1 Angel”

On March 10th 2017, singer and songwriter Charli XCX released her brand new mixtape “Number 1 Angel” on Asylum Records. Charli recorded the 10 track mixtape in LA with music producer A.G. Cook and Sophie who previously worked with Charli on her debut album “Vroom Vroom”. On January 2017, Charli XCX stated in an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine that she was planning to release a mixtape before the release of her third album studio album saying: “I just got bored and made a load of songs, so I decided to put them out. This is more like crying into the champagne than drinking it”. The album was slated for a February 2017 release, but was pushed back due to label conflicts, initially recording it without their permission. She stated that this situation, along with the album delay, got her feeling “frustrated and annoyed”.

This mixtape arrives at a time where the artist is in a promo cycle for what should be her third LP which has been described as Charli’s club album. “I just wanted to make a party record, and it feels like I finally unleashed my full inner-partier,” she Billboard magazine. She’s already released the Stargate-produced, lead single “After the Afterparty” which features Lil Yatchy. She has stated in interviews that this third album has been done for a while now, but if this mixtape is anything to go by we can already see it’s going to be a party anthem album.

This mixtape combines her original electro pop style combined with her no bull shit attitude, and features some great productions most notably from chart toppers MØ. If you’re a fan of her previous works then you will surely be a fan of this project, and it’s very hard to come across a mixtape that could almost be good enough to make the Billboard charts. The new tracks are basically what you’d expect from the pop singer, which is definitely a good thing. All three are buoyant, catchy numbers, with “Pull Up” standing out for the pre-existing chemistry between Charli and MØ. Still, the atmospheric alt-R&B “Dreamer” is no slouch and the high energy “Lipgloss” has potential as a club track. This mixtape is available now and look out for the studio LP hitting our stores soon.

“Number 1 Angel” Tracklist:

1.“Dreamer” feat. Starrah and RAYE
2. “3AM (Pull Up)” feat. MØ
3. “Blame It On U”
4. “Roll With Me”
5. “Emotional”
6. “ILY2″
7. “White Roses”
8. “Babygirl” feat. Uffie
9. “Drugs” feat. Abra
10. “Lipgloss” feat. CupcakKe

*Image Source: prettymuchamazing.com

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