‘Mr Worldwide’ Throws Another Party On “Climate Change”

“Climate Change” is the tenth studio album by rapper Pitbull and was released on March 17th 2017 on RCA Records. Like always Pitbull has a galaxy of features on this LP including hip house partner Flo-Rida, Jennifer Lopez, Jason Derulo, Ty Dolla $ign and more. The album was delayed for some time, but Pitbull still managed to bring the talent and finish hard with “Can’t Have”, Options” and “Greenlight”, holding there own on the Billboard charts. In October of 2016 Pitbull said about the delay of the album in an interview “As of right now, we’re looking at 2017, but you never know. Album (release dates) always change. Right now we’re working on two records in the thirteenth hour with very, very interesting features that will also be part of Climate Change”.

Don’t expect any drastic changes from his previous album “Global Warming” as this 2017 effort still combines each track with rapped verses on soaring pop chorus, all seasoned with lyrics of money, success and sexual conquests. It’s not to say this album is just a duplicate of the last, there are still some suprisingly good tracks, but you do already know what you’re going to get before you press play, and well that’s okay with me. The world needs more party anthems and club bangers and you can always rely on Mr Worldwide to come through. The album is dominated by male presence with features but that’s not to take away the likes of Jennifer Lopez who lends her voice to the highlight track “Sexy Body” which samples a song by Zara Larsson.

Another honourable mention has to go to “Educate Ya” featuring rnb crooner Jason Derulo, it’s a sexy bedroom anthem with quick beats and lashings of percussion. This is a good showing of Pitbull’s versatility as an artist, who is able to dynamically switch from 2000 hip hop to 1990’s style soft audio on steroids. The number 1 gem on the album would have to go to “Greenlight” which features Flo-Rida and Lunchmoney Lewis which holds the whole album together with a catchy hook.

Another highlight from the album for me is the Diplo inspired sound of “Dedicated” which brings together Mr Worldwide with R. Kelly and Austin Mahone. Produced by Kro’Nic sounds very much like it belongs on Justin Biebers “Purpose” album, but they just replaced the Bieber with a voice apparent in Austin Mahone. I guess the major downside of this song is that Austin Mahone isn’t heard much on the song other then through a few distinct falsetto’s here and there.

“Bad Man” is the biggest let down for me it features Robin Thicke, Joe Perry and Travis Barker, and is a prime example of the album’s tendency to steer away from innovation and towards overproduction. The song’s melody becomes difficult to handle as it goes miles away from the albums direction, as Pitbull attempts to rap over an excessive electric guitar solo. It’s probably the biggest mess of a song on the album as it doesn’t give Thicke’s vocals justice at all.

The no-brainer for the best single off this album has to go to the Ty Dolla $ign assisted “Better On Me”, a furious drum-and-bass experiment equipped with unlikely couple from two different types of genre’s. Laced with a catchy hook, this single rests on the success of pop music’s newest obsession with dancehall-lite tropical house music borrowing nearly every effect employed from your typical Kygo, Diplo or Jack U single. The album contain’s excellent productions from the likes of Dr Luke, Jimmy Joker, Ian Kirkpatrick, Cirkut, The Monsters and Strangerz and more. “Climate Change” is available on ITunes now.

Rating 2 out of 5

“Climate Change” tracklisting and credits:

  1. We Are Strong (feat. Kiesza)
  2. Bad Man (feat. Robin Thicke, Joe Perry and Travis Barker)
  3. Greenlight (feat. Flo Rida, Lunchmoney Lewis and Dr. Luke)
  4. Messin Around (feat. Enrique Iglesias)
  5. Better On Me (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)
  6. Sexy Body (feat. Jennifer Lopez)
  7. Freedom
  8. Options (feat. Stephen Marley)
  9. Educate Ya (feat. Jason Derulo)
  10. Only Ones To Know (feat. Leona Lewis)
  11. Dedicated (feat. R. Kelly and Austin Mahone)
  12. Can’t Have (feat. Steven A. Clark and Ape Drums)

*Image Source: msecnd.ne

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