Demi Lovato : “Tell Me You Love Me”


“Tell Me You Love Me” is the sixth studio album from American pop singer Demi Lovato and was released on September 29th. The album was distributed through Hollywood, Island and Safehouse records. The lead single was “Sorry Not Sorry” which dropped September 11 and peaked at number 10 on the Billboard charts and was produced by one of my favorite producers ‘OAK’ Felder, and who also contributed to a total for four songs on the album. After the release of Lovato’s last album, the successful “Confident”, she told fans that her new album was going to have a more soulful direction. But in October of 2016 much to the shock of many Lovato announced via her Twitter that she was going to take a break from music in 2017 saying “I’m not meant for this business or the media”. It was earlier in the year at a charity event that Lovato said she had felt rejuvenated and was starting to create music again which eventually led to this album.

Lovato stated she had many influences for this new project including Aretha Franklin, Christina Aguilera and Kehlani. She also went on to say that the album was heavily influenced by Christina Aguilera’s “Stripped” which almost became a break out album for her, saying “it’s a breakout album that really transformed her into the icon that she is today”. The last decade of pop music has been defined by a familiar format an EDM-pop collaboration and Demi almost follows the same path on “Tell Me You Love Me”.

Lovato has defintely become an asset to pop music, her dynamical and ever powering voice combined with her sex appeal has made her a household name. But it’s been a long road to stability for the singer who has been quite open about her battle with mental health and has frequently spoken about her challenges. Since her debut back in 2008, Lovato has almost experimented with every avenue of pop music, from the punk side, to the more clubby sounding albums. Once again she’s taking a new direction and immersing herself into a pop flirty style of R&B. Lovato has always shined when it’s come to power ballads, and always been up for showcasing her elite booming vocals, that stands on par with the likes of Adele and Kelly Clarkson. And this project is no different as her vocal ability and range still sits on a level above the rest.

“Sorry Not Sorry” is the lead single from the new album and was released on July 11th. It was co-written by Demi Lovato, Oak Felder, Sean Douglas, Trevor Brown and William Simmons and was produced by Oak, Trevor Brown and William Zaire Simmons. The song has so far peaked at the number 10 spot on the Billboard charts and has gained massive traction through radio airplay.  The album’s title track “Tell Me You Love Me” was released as the first promotional single from the album along with the pre-order on August 24, 2017. The track debuted at 97 on Billboard Hot 100. The title song is a desperate plea for affection that gradually morphs into a declaration of self-love.

“Tell Me You Love Me” improves from Lovato’s previous albums, with the help from brilliant hip hop producers like DJ Mustard, Oak, and Sermstyle she is enabled to make hip hop work in a pop context. My personal favorite off the album is the slow R&B jam “Concentrate” which almost has a Frank Ocean vibe behind it. Another song included on the album I also love is her duet with pop production team Cheat Codes on “No Promises”. The song managed to hit the top 10 all around the world including in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

“Tell Me You Love Me” is available through ITunes now.

Rating: 2.5/5

“Tell Me You Love Me” tracklist:

  1. Sorry Not Sorry
  2. Tell Me You Love Me
  3. Sexy Dirty Love
  4. You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore
  5. Daddy Issues
  6. Ruin The Friendship
  7. Only Forever
  8. Lonely (feat. Lil Wayne)
  9. Cry Baby
  10. Games
  11. Concentrate
  12. Hitchhiker
  13. Instruction (feat. Jax Jones and Stefflon Don)
  14. Sorry Not Sorry (acoustic)
  15. No Promises (feat. Cheat Codes)

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