Music Spotlight : Haley Smalls


For a lot of you the name Haley Smalls wouldn’t ring a bell, but it’s a name worth discovering. Haley is an independent singer and songwriter who has worked with the likes of Boi-1da (worked with Drake), Megaman (worked with Lil’ Wayne), Chuck Harmony (worked with Ne*Yo), Harvey Mason Jr. (worked with Beyonce’) and specializes in R&B and Pop music with attitude. Haley Smalls became part of a new writing and production team called The Startaz, led by one of Toronto’s biggest producers Megaman. While refining her songwriting skills, Smalls discovered her own sound and in April 2015 released a 16 track mixtape “This Is Me” and in December 2015 released “Imagination”, both produced entirely by Megaman, and written by her Startaz team. The “This Is Me” mixtape featured Victoria DiGiovanni a fellow member of the Startaz writing team as well as artist Kardinall Offishall. Smalls returned the favor later on in the year by appearing on Kardinall Offishall’s song “Insert Here”.

Haley’s talent was recognized when she was just 10 years old when she sung the national anthem at the Sky Dome during a Blue Jay’s game. Vocally she trained in Classical music for over four years and then studied Speech Level Singing with the ever impressive Falconer Abraham. At the age of 12 is when her recording experience grew as she worked with Juno Award Winning Jazz Producer Eddie Bullen and then at the age 14 worked with EMI producer DJ Freq Nasty, before embarking with different writers and producers at various independent studio’s in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. But her list of talents didn’t stop there as Smalls recently took up acting lessons at Pro Actors Lab in Toronto to enhance her performances.

Haley’s management team is Ebony Sons management who are owned by Ludacris and his DTP (Disturbing Tha Peace) label and is always writing and producing new music which she creates and records at her own home studio in Toronto. Haley Smalls is definitely a hot new artist to look out for with fire in her veins and getting her foot in the door at age 10 she has an arsenal of Grammy award winning producers she has worked with to date. With her distinctive pop sound with an R&B influence Smalls is Toronto’s most intriguing up and coming artists. A shot of fame graced Smalls path in January of 2014 when multi-platinum artist Beyonce Knowles shared one of Small’s YouTube videos stating simply “Loved It”. Since that moment the video has reached well over one million views and continues to grow, and has contributed to Haley’s rise on social media.

With two mixtapes under her belt Haley Smalls released her final record for 2017 called “Heart Of Gold”, an EP that has seen her grow both vocally and lyrically and shows comparison’s to that of Rihanna. It features the successful lead single “Lie Pon Me” which goes back to her dancehall roots we’ve heard on previous releases. Frequent collaborator Megaman is on board for “Lie Pon Me,” lacing the track with a smooth, island-tinged groove that coasts along for three and a half minutes, with the hypnotic vocals of Smalls. Other great tracks from the EP include “Motor”, “G.F.N”, “Go Low”, “T.G.I.F.” and is available now.

If you haven’t heard any thing yet from Haley Smalls do yourself a favor and be sure to check her out as she’s going to be blowing up your airwaves soon. “Heart Of Gold” along with her other mixtapes are available now.



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