Diffusion Lab’s Newest Electronic Pop Artist ‘DAY_S’


DAY_S is the newest pop sensation who is about to take the music industry by storm. The 22 year old singer-songwriter is signed to Diffusion Lab a label that’s brought us the talents of others artists such as Soulé and Jafaris, Rushes, Killa Yan and AikJ. Sure not household names by any means but DAY_S debut single ‘Last Night’ could put this label on the map, it’s a soulful slice of electronic pop with a wavy synth chorus and pop vocals, that has all the elements of a chart topping radio hit.

This Dublin native brings to the table a signature blend of expertly crafted piano lines and soulful vocals combined with skillfully crafted lyrics by an artist who is dedicated to his art. His debut single “Last Night” narrates the story of a couple fighting in the aftermath of a drunken night. It starts, as so many mornings after do, quietly and solemnly. A distant, building synth kicks in and builds to the release of loud and massive electronic chorus.

“Last Night” was released at the beginning of this year and already has amassed over 130,000 streams on Spotify.

You can listen to this hot new track below, as “Last Night” by DAY_S is available on all platforms now.


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