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INsiders Guide: Ami Cheon, American Authors, The Vapor Caves, Kris Angelis, Money Matt, Amanda Rheaume, Carrousel and more

My new song, “Good Good,” was inspired by the tumultuous nature of being in a relationship. When I co-wrote this song with Ariel Posen, he played through the chord progression and I felt like the lyrics found the surface of my lips effortlessly. 

Only after listening to the song in its completion did I realize that the whole theme of the song actually pertained to my life/relationship at the time.

Good Good” is about wanting to get back to the place where love flourishes, when things have been circling the drain for some time. I want you to feel like your relationship (or life, even) can still have a chance to exist in that better place as you listen… And if you believe that and feel it strongly enough, maybe it can be true”.—-Ami Cheon

We are excited to send you the new single from American Authors, best known for their triple-platinum hit single “Best Day of My Life”. Entitled “Microphone’ the track which is off of Island Records, features the band’s upbeat blend of alt-rock and stadium pop.

“Microphone is a song about owning your power and fighting to be heard in a loud world” -Dave Rublin

The band is currently on tour with Magic Giant for the Band of Brothers Roadshow. 

Austin-based, boogie/funk outfit, The Vapor Caves announce their video, “Bitch to the Boys” from their debut full-length album, Feel Yourself, out now! “The R&B/modern funk duo hails from Texas and has the recipe for medicinal music that revives the spirit to full force. Today, we’re premiering the Side Label-directed music video for their latest single, “Bitch To The Boys.”” (High Snobiety)   The Vapor Caves’ first year has been productive. “The Chase”, the duo’s debut single, was featured on Comedy Central’s hit TV show “Broad City”. “Hurry Up & Wait”, their follow-up single, was supported by Spotify’s “Ready for the Day” editorial playlist. Recorded, mixed, & mastered in Texas with the help of Bird Peterson and Rob Murray (Mark Ronson, David Gray), this album is entirely Texas-made. The record saw a limited, vinyl-only release (pressed by Gold Rush Vinyl, in Austin) this past summer, which quickly sold out. Produced exclusively by BoomBaptist (Guilty Simpson, Black Milk), with Yadira Brown contributing all lyrical and vocal duties, Feel Yourself is a dance record and a journey inward, meant to evoke self-reflection.    “’Feel Yourself [is] a delicious banquet of dusty grooves, futuristic synths and icy cool vocals.

Photo Credit: LEE HOLBROOK

Kris Angelis fights for her last shred of faith in the video for her new single, “That Siren, Hope.” Whether she’s running across the sand towards a lighthouse that doesn’t exist or fighting for her breath as she reaches desperately for the surface, Angelis struggles to trust, not only in herself but in the hope of breaking free. The cinematography traverses long stretches of beach and underwater shots that will take your breath away, making for a genuinely picturesque cinematic experience. The ocean stands in as the lover that refuses to tell you which way is up or down, but it’s Angelis stunning vocals and pristine arrangements that tell the story of the moment when all hope is lost. Check out the video for Kris Angelis’ “That Siren, Hope,” out now. “That Siren, Hope” is the title song to Angelis’ new EP.

Miami Entertainment Executive Matt “Money Matt” Herman Launches Partnership with LA V Nightclub

CEO of Done Deal Records announces a new venture with the opening of Miami lounge

Known for hosting the city’s most exclusive nightlife events and his role as the CEO of Done Deal Records, Miami Entertainment Executive “Money Matt” has officially announced the launch of LA V Nightclub. In partnership with Nathaniel “Nate” Florence, the Founder and CEO of Miami promotions company Who’s Who Presents, the new venture is just one of the latest brand launches for Money Matt.

Located in Miami’s upscale downtown area of Brickell, LA V has become one of the city’s most sought after hotspots for guests seeking an extravagant top-of-the-line experience in music, dining, and dance.

Within a few weeks of its launch, LA V’s wildly popular, “The List Saturdays” has drawn countless crowds of locals and guests visiting Miami. Celebrities have also become staples of the venue. Due to its growing popularity, “The List Saturdays” has maintained its schedule of upscale events and special guest appearances captivating patrons with each visit. Super Bowl Weekend will also bring another wave of excitement to LA V with an exclusive game day event hosted by Tory Lanez.

LA V’s sexy and energetic atmosphere is undeniably one-of-a-kind. LA V boasts an elaborate state of the art sound and lighting system and bottle service giving guests a memorable night of the hottest music and unforgettable fun. LA V also offers fine dining options for guests to enjoy. For more information on upcoming events visit
Matt Herman, known as “Money Matt” throughout the South Florida community began making a name for himself as the CEO of Southern Music Entertainment label (SME). He has spent years embarking on an incredible journey building his entertainment empire. As a young entrepreneur, Matt was the driving force behind the management and development of several indie talents who were looking to establish themselves as artists.

Specializing in music, film, television, sports, and other media, Money Matt cultivated his blueprint for success elevating him beyond Miami’s urban community to several business partnerships and collaborations. Teaming with Nate Florence for the launch of LA V has allowed the men to combine their industry backgrounds and social influence to revitalize the nightclub experience. For the past 5 years, Nate has established his brand within the city’s night scene hosting superstar names such as Lil Wayne, TI, Gunna, Lil Baby, Fabulous, and Yo Gotti. During the course of his career, Money Matt has hosted some of the biggest names in entertainment & sports including Diddy, Rick Ross, Floyd “Money” Mayweather, and Kevin Hart.

In addition to the launch of LA V, Money Matt’s Done Deal Records is the home of star recording artist Barachi who is known for hit singles, “Wifey” featuring Tory Lanez and “Tell Me.” For more information on Money Matt and Done Deal Records visit

I have often allowed myself to stay in relationships where I am not happy – where I have let my partner strip me of my power. “The Best” is an answer to that; to start standing up for and believing in myself. You can watch the official music video for my new single on YouTube or listen to “The Best” on Spotify, Apple Music or Amazon Music now.

This song is for anyone that has ever felt less than. Anyone that has ever had an intuitive feeling and gone against it because they were scared, manipulated, not believed. Too often we allow others to take our power. We aren’t sure how to hold space. Too often we aren’t shown how to do this in a healthy way. We feel we have to apologize for being ourselves… messy, empowered, insecure, confident or not.  

FORGET THAT! We are human, we can work on ourselves. I try my best to find compassion, understanding and forgiveness. I am still practicing this every day. Battling with those demons, and not letting them win.


Thank you for listening. All of my love,” Amanda Rheaume 

Los Angeles-based duo Carrousel unveil their new EP, I Wasn’t WellComprising of Joel Piedt (songwriter, vocals, production) and Rosa Sharon (songwriter, vocals), the duo’s futuristic pop melodies wane toward the prophetic, delineating several genres at once with enigmatic cohesion, and surprising grit.

Influenced by a broad spectrum of sounds ranging from the blues, to psychedelic rock, to shoegaze, to new wave, Carrousel are determined to carve out their own sonic universe. I Wasn’t Well is made up of 4 tracks that demonstrate the sophisticated and multilayered musicality of the duo. The EP opens with “Psychobabble Drama,” a thumping, synth-heavy anthem that explores Piedt’s long term recurring nightmares. The second track, “A Solitary Soul” – also inspired by Piedt’s nightmares – is a blistering force, bursting with noisy guitar and haunting vocals. Next up is the heavenly sounding “Magnificent Desolation,” which takes it’s name from Carrousel’s planned Spring album. In order to achieve the sweeping cinematic sound of “Magnificent Desolation,” Carrousel recorded in a church with a massive organ and tracked the string section at London’s legendary Abbey Road Studios. Marked with visceral, raw vocals and an impressively catchy melody, the final track, “I Wasn’t Well,” closes out the EP. I Wasn’t Well is an explosive, experimental, and captivating first glimpse at what Carrousel has to offer as a band.

The EP will be followed by a number of music videos and, later this Spring, Carrousel plan to release Magnificent Desolation, a 10-track album that functions as one part of a 4-album project. Magnificent Desolation is an homage to Piedt’s hometown of Memphis. Since moving away from the South (Sharon also hails from Atlanta), the region has become intrinsic to the band’s identity and music: remembering Memphis as childhood, as allegory, as the origins of blues, soul, and rock-n-roll and, like folklore, as Eden – a place that will outlast what it is and what it was and become a destination wherein to return: Memphis as beauty, Memphis, even, as Heaven.

Photo credit: Christopher Borges

Toronto-based pop artist nodisco. releases his second single today, “Moonlight in my Bedroom,” a beaming late night jam that is written like a journal entry about a relationship at its peak. “Wishing you were here we could lay for a while,” he dreams, with beats that take hints from pop history 80s to today, leaving listeners with feelings reminiscent of long talks on the phone and AIM chatrooms in the early 00s.

Chris Toufexis, aka nodisco., shares:

“‘Moonlight in my Bedroom’ is an oddity of pop sophistication. Blending such contrasting influences as Joao Gilberto, Everything but the Girl and M83, the song aims to create an atmosphere that draws the listener directly into the nodisco. world, even if just for a moment.

Detailing the climax of a relationship, the track solidifies the journal-like approach to the nodisco. narrative, with surprising amounts of honesty within a near cinematic sonic experience.”

The song premiered yesterday on Variance, who said “the new track definitely has some Lauv meets St. Lucia vibes to it.” In an exclusive quote to the online magazine, nodisco. further explained the nostalgic nuances of the song, “I was watching a lot of Dawson’s Creek at the time. I loved the wardrobe, the over dramatization, the angst… I felt like it was made for me. I like to think of ‘Moonlight’ as my personal score for an episode.”

“Moonlight in my Bedroom” follows nodisco.’s first single “Thoughts From Your Car,” which debuted in fall 2019. The track gained tons of love in the blogsphere and caught the ear of CBC, who named it their ‘Song of the Week’ on the show Here and Now Toronto with Gill Deacon.

nodisco. prides himself on his extensive vinyl collection and interest in a variety of music from the past three decades, and these influences are clear in his own style. He comes full force with a pop sound that is perfect for 2020, but a brand all his own; full of buzzing thoughts and heavy contemplations, all paired with lighthearted culture references and a beat that’s sure to get put on repeat. Not to mention, nodisco. finessed his sound under the watch of legendary R&B producer/songwriter Babyface who selected him for a songwriting camp in Toronto.

Putting up nearly 15 million streams in the past year alone and attracting glowing critical endorsements, buzzing genre disruptor Rence shares a brand new single and music video entitled “hate u, btw” today.

On the track, he picks up a guitar and plucks out a prodding riff buoyed by glitchy beats and keys. He quietly strums out chords before crooning the unshakable and undeniable chant, “She said I hate you by the way…with a smile on her face.”

The music video reflects the sardonically slick sentiment of this breakup send-off. Accompanied by a keyboardist under a gray sky, Rence plays a purple Telecaster on a seaside dock. The clip shifts to him performing on top of a boathouse as frenetic editing moves with the bounce.

Rence continues to receive praise from top tastemakers as well. Pigeons & Planes named him among the “Best New Artists of the Month (December)” and wrote, “Rence’s music isn’t easy to classify, but it lives somewhere in the pop world, at least in terms of accessibility.” Additionally, The FADER touted the music video for the new version of “I Know” [feat. RIZ LA VIE].

Next up, the rising talent hits the road on EDEN’s No Future North American Tour as a special guest alongside keshi. It kicks off April 23 at House of Blues in Dallas, TX, rolls through major markets throughout the South, Midwest, and East Coast, and wraps up at Royal Oak Music Theatre in Royal Oak, MI on May 20.

Life isn’t about simply taking risks. It’s really about choosing the right risk. You could say that pop singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Johnny Stimson chose rather wisely.

After landing high-profile syncs on The Vampire Diaries and Trophy Wife and building a growing following, the Dallas native urged a European booking agent to get him a show in London. He had a gut feeling something would happen in the wake of it, so he went across the pond for the gig. The next day, he got a rather unexpected, yet extremely welcome call. Stimson reveals, “Someone at the show knew Elton John, told him about my music, and Elton called me the next morning,” he smiles. “In the following months we built this incredible partnership. I recognized the importance of taking risks, because it was the only way I would’ve been able to do this.”
Drawing from influences as diverse as The Beatles, Tom Misch, Sam Cooke, and Frank Ocean, Stimson brings a distinct sense of soul to pop music—not only through his silk-smooth vocals, but also through his impressive skills on each piano, guitar, and bass. Stimson fuses funk-fuelled soundscapes with soulful R&B rasp and leaned-back grooves, creating and maintaining an irresistibility throughout his music. Inspired by interesting chords and theoretical elements, Stimson’s releases mix the organic with the electronic. He confides, “I want to continue to have sonic variety in my music, but to have common thematic and musical ideas that help the songs work together to tell a complete story”. 
New single ‘Hallelujah’ is soaked in synths, soulful vocals and heart-wrenching lyrics. The song acts as a reminder to be thankful for every moment, no matter how high or how low. Stimson shares, “I am grateful for all the ups and downs, love and heartbreak, life and loss, and everything in between. Every breath is a beautiful gift and I hope this song reminds whoever is out there listening to hold on because you are worth it and you are loved”. 

Stimson has seen success with his single ‘Holding On’ garnering the title of most Shazam’ed song by an unsigned artist in the UK, as well as reaching Top 40 in the UK’s iTunes charts. Last year, his single “Honeymoon” went viral in Indonesia and landed in #2 spot on iTunes. He has topped the Spotify Viral 50 charts in ten countries, accumulated over twenty five million hits on Spotify alone and received acclaim from publications such as Idolator, Refinery29, MTV Buzzworthy, Nylon,, and more. Having toured with the likes of SoMo and Tori Kelly, as well as headlining his own shows across Asia, Stimson is ready to continue the next chapter of his musical career.

Christopher Smith’s singing voice is petal-soft, but the sentiments he’s evoking with a sigh undoubtedly take root in your psyche. On Love Writes Itself, the second full-length from his atmospheric Dralms project the Europe-by-way-of-Vancouver singer-songwriter abstracts evergreen topics of loss and longing— of sex and despair— through a chlorophyll-scented lens. 

Smith wrote and recorded Love Writes Itself across a three-year stretch. The record’s earliest tracks germinated while out on the road supporting Dralms’ acclaimed 2015 debut album, Shook, while others took shape during a cabin retreat on British Columbia’s Gulf Islands. Though keeping in line with the elegant, chilled-out vibe of Dralms’ early work, Love Writes Itself pivots from the more digitalistic impressions of Shook towards a decidedly organic grove of symphony strings, blushing woodwinds, piano, and guitar.

The elastic nature of Dralms’ line-up, its membership ebbing and flowing around core songwriter Smith, has brought many new collaborators to Love Writes Itself. Smith co-produced the nine song collection with composer/sound designer Mirko Vogel (Sekiden, Cut Copy). The pair first met in London when the latter did sound for Dralms at St. Pancras Old Church and reconnected a few years later when Vogel moved to Vancouver. Together, they developed Smith’s spare acoustic demos into a romantic, maximalist rush that references the melancholy baroque-pop of Misery is a Butterfly-period Blonde Redhead and the sensual swirl of early ‘70s Serge Gainsbourg.  

Smith is also joined on the album by the sweet, if saddened bowing of Juno/Polaris Prize-winning violinist Jesse Zubot (Tanya Tagaq, Destroyer, Stars), while a lean pop-and-pluck bass groove is supplied by Cut Copy bassist Ben Browning, and Juno-winning drummer Kenton Loewen (Peregrine Falls, Dan Mangan) offers refined, lite-funk backbeats to many of its tracks. 

On top of splitting synth and guitar duties with Vogel, an untold richness emanates through Smith’s vocals throughout Love Writes Itself. The artist admits that the sessions at Vogel’s studio— as well as a pair of songs recorded with Shook producer Jonathan Raham at Afterlife Studio—are some of his most candid performances yet. Shook’s electronics-spiked aesthetic often left his tender tenor cocooned in a Novocaine cloud of reverb and delay. Here, Smith’s vocals are especially up-close-and-personal, lips pressed closely against a microphone guard as he navigates the naivety of new love (“Plants Behind Glass”), confronts ego (“Precious Flower”), and comes to terms with loss (“Monet in Black and White”).

Slyly hinted it via introductory instrumental piece “Flower Theme”,   Love Writes Itself connects its lyrical content through Smith’s poetic allusions to plant life, ranging from the near-religious imagery of the “cathedral arches of arbutus trees” found on B.C’s Gulf Islands, to noting the bleak existence of a vase of flowers trapped behind a window pane.

“There is a lot of flowery, lush dialogue, but there are oppressive visuals as well,” Smith explains of knotting together the beautiful with the brutal.  “As a visual, flowers can be used in so many different ways—something fragile; something withering away; something that’s been snipped and kept on display, or something growing freely.”

Dralms’ latest grapples with various levels of love and loss, and the life cycles we encounter both in nature and our personal lives. “I want that feeling back” he coos hopefully above synth-bass and symphony strings on “Blush”. After coming to terms with wilted expectations, another experience tends to push up from the soil.

London based singer/songwriter Izzy Thomas is the epitome of a 21st century female alt pop/rock artist. With her seductive, fiercely powerful vocals, guitar lead melodies and electronic beats, Thomas has created her own unique sound and vision.

Born in Yorkshire, the feisty musician is bringing back rock ’n’ roll, but a kind that flirts with a variety of genres, making listeners from rock to hip hop backgrounds come in union as her fans. As a young girl, Thomas was inspired by the records of Queen and Michael Jackson, singing and playing guitar to their music. To this day her love for these artists oozes into her music, together with her modern production, the powerhouse vocalist is bringing something to the UK charts, which has been lacking.

Following the release of her single ‘Trouble (Pull That Trigger)’, which received acclaim from the likes of Billboard and the BBC, Thomas is dropping the highly anticipated ‘Mad’. The infectiously catchy single is a melodic scream of irritation towards the endless sea of emotionally unavailable people we see in society today. The song is an homage to every emotion you feel when faced with the prospect of unrequited love. Thomas’ tongue in cheek, unforgettable lyrics and fresh approach, turns a tragic topic into an anthem for our times. Thomas confides, “In the single world, there seems to be a sea of emotionally damaged, unavailable people. Sometimes we subconsciously inhabit our ex’s ways and display them in our next relationship, because we’re afraid of opening up again. For the people ready for love this is irritating as hell! So this song is a light hearted poke of fun, about how ridiculous it all really is!” 

Thomas also campaigns for Autism Awareness. From experience with her own family member having Autism, she performs in schools and colleges around the UK to young adults talking about what it is, how to recognise it and how we can all be compassionate towards people with Autism. “It feels great to use the power of my music to help get a message across”, explains the singer. 

Thomas has seen success supporting the likes of Placebo and Bryan Adams, as well as gracing iconic stages from UK Arenas to some of Los Angeles and Nashville’s most prestigious venues, including The Hotel Cafe and Tootsies. With ‘Mad’ currently available worldwide, Izzy Thomas is set to be an artist to watch.

Pop-alt band Crimson Apple’s new music video “Sorry Now” is out now with an exclusive feature on Earmilk.

“We’re extremely excited to be releasing the “Sorry Now” Music Video! We have a deep emotional connection with this song that we really wanted to represent in a striking and visual way. The song is about someone who betrayed us, so while creating the concept for this music video, we envisioned a bright red smoke that would represent this person. Throughout the video, it becomes clear that the red smoke is poisoning us, and there is a range of emotions and imagery that tells a story of overcoming this negative force.”

CRIMSON APPLE is a band of four sisters from Hawaii, based in Los Angeles,California. Their sound, an epic and cinematic dark-pop, is fused with a wide variety of influences including alternative, indie-rock, K-pop, and J-pop. 

While many assume that the sisters have been playing music together since birth, Crimson Apple formed the summer of 2012. The girls have always viewed the formation of the band as an act of fate; Each sister picked up their respective instruments and found their love of music at different stages in their lives. One day, they realized that together, they made up the perfect pieces of a whole band.

After  performing in numerous venues in  their beautiful home of Hawaii, the sisters decided to relocate to Los Angeles in 2015 to further pursue their music careers. Within a year of the move, Crimson Apple became regular performers for Disneyland and shortly after signed recording-and management deals with Amuse Group USA, Inc.

The band has since been making music and touring multiple festivals and venues across America; opening for major acts such as The Chainsmokers, The Plain White Ts, and All Time  Low. The group has  also  won  several awards and holds three nominations for Alternative Album of the Year, Most Promising Artist of the Year, and Group of the Year at the 2015 Na Hoku Hanohano Awards, Hawaii’s equivalent of the Grammys.

Crimson Apple has worked devotedly to create a strong, cohesive image and sound that reflects their bond as sisters. Their passion can be felt in their hard-hitting live performances and their latest release; a 6-song EP titled “Somebody”, where the sisters write about their experiences and emotions as they pursue their dreams together.


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