The 5 Movies You May Have Missed

This has been an amazing year for movies so far and an amazing year for summer blockbusters especially. I’m sure we’ve all seen Jurassic World, Age Of Ultron, Rogue Nation and so on. Through all these movies it’s sometimes easy to forget the small movies. Movies that didn’t do so well finically for whatever reason (bad trailer or next to no marketing) but did well critically. So I’m going to look at my top five movies of the year that shouldn’t be in that forgotten list. What qualifies for this list? Well I’m going by three criteria. Obviously, it had to come out this year (or at least the US release). Second, it had to have at least a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes. And third, it had to have made less than 35 million. Sure this isn’t the lowest number but we had movies grossing over a billion worldwide this summer 30 million seems small in comparison. ┬áNote that all these movies did indeed make their budget back and the list is in no particular order.

Written By: Zachary Smith

Hey guys you can call me Vlad. I love movies and I love to write about movies so here I am. I've been called a film critic by my friends so here I am to share my thoughts about what's new.

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  • fcsuper

    Reply September 9, 20156:25 pm

    EX MACHINA was pretty good with a moderately twisted but flawed ending.

  • fcsuper

    Reply September 9, 20156:31 pm

    The Gift was freaky, but even suspension of disbelief didn’t help this movie, as the probabilities of the antagonist being able to do what he did as part of a plan don’t jive.

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