Halsey’s Badlands Is Out!

Halsey, an American singer-songwriter, has released her debut album called Badlands. Fans from all over the world have been waiting for this for quite some time and that it is here, we might have to say it is no where near bad.

Despite her hair being blue, her songs will not make you feel such. Halsey’s music is quite empowering, genuine, and honest. The fact that she is her own person when it comes to music makes people see her bare in the most artistic way she could portray.

Badlands is the first full length album Halsey released after an EP called Room 93. With most of the tracks in Room 93 included in Badlands, this teaser got more than enough attention that she gave a lot of people something to look forward to.

Her alternative style can be described as eerily seductive due to the haunting elements that accompany her lyrics. Halsey is going to redefine alternative indie music due to the purity of her music. 

If you ask us, this is the needed empowerment of the people who feel different and judged. Halsey voiced out the too weird and too unique group as more than people but true beings as well. When people thought she was too weird, they realize how alike she was with most people who felt that thinking different will automatically send them in a mental ward. That is not the case to her.

Halsey redefines the generation of the silent ones whose minds scream to be free. Though most of her songs were about love, she does not restrict them to a he-she pairing, which is why fans adore her.

Do you want to feel empowered? Like you finally belong? Take a break and get lost in Halsey’s nostalgic new album, Badlands, out now.

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Written by Arabella Duñgo

Contributing writer for Fashion and Music. Film Junkie. Music Lover. Aspiring Fashion Stylist. Art Student. 18.

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