Introducing Your Next Men’s Fashion Advisor

Salutations to all you dapper dudes. Whether dressing up is your field of expertise or if you’re at the novice level, I’m here to take you up a notch.

11940080_508094699348491_493578960_oSince this is my first blog post (of many, I promise), I will be giving a petite briefing on the history of who Jonathan Diaz is. Long story short, I am basically a New Jersey-native who grew up in the “hood” and saw how his peers were dressed and chose to take a different route. Not that baggy jeans and parachute-sized t-shirts weren’t cool enough for my liking, but I just didn’t find interest in dressing myself like a baggy clown. For those of you who still dress this way, please accept my most sincere apologies. If you are one of those and you’ve gotten this far, let me stop you to let you know that this is not for you unless you plan on changing that, but I digress.  I always dreamed of being a modern-day gent and made a dream a reality. This advisory column is so you can do the same in your own unique way. So stay tuned for some sick style tips and inspiration.

From what you’ve read thus far, you can probably puzzle together that I am not a fan of shopping 3 sizes bigger than your actual size, but my reason for this burning hatred is in fact valid. I USED TO BE ONE OF THOSE GUYS! No, I am not proud of my past, but trust and believe I buried any evidence of that side of me. I dressed this way only because my mother would buy my clothing so my brother and I looked like Siamese idiots (excuse my French). One day I decided it was enough, and I demanded to pick out my own clothes. Sadly, I was already in High School when I had this epiphany, but as the phrase goes, “better late than never”.

Why did I take so long to realize I wanted to switch things up, you ask? Well, I was (and currently am) on the short side, plus I’ve never had the ideal beach body like the guys on national television. I figured it would be impossible for me to replicate their looks due to my misfortunes, but I overcame that stupid phobia and decided to take a step towards the dapper road and became this confident, well-dressed young gentleman that will tutor you in Men’s Fashion 101.

This column’s content will be an extensive variety of different fashion-related topics. It will range from fashion tips, daily outfits, latest trends, and the coolest products. I’ll also answer any questions you guys have for me. Enjoy!

What do you think?

Written by Jonathan Diaz

Influenced by fashion since 2010.
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