Date Announced For Christopher Nolan’s New Movie

We all love Christopher Nolan, right? He’s possibly one of the most well-known directors working today, and one of the most loved. He is the director of The Prestige, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception, Insomnia, and most recently last years Interstellar.

So what is the famed director up to now? Well I’m glad you asked because I have some good and rather strange news.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Nolan has a new movie coming with Warner Brothers. So here’s what we know about the movie, the release date… and that’s it.

So fans look forward to a new movie on July 21st 2017. Warner Brothers has not given any information about the new movie at the request of Nolan himself. Secrecy is nothing new for Nolan but this is taking it to a level we haven’t seen. But when you think about all you have to do to get people in the theater is put “Director Christopher Nolan” in the trailer.

We will keep you informed if and when new details arise.

Written By: Zachary Smith

Hey guys you can call me Vlad. I love movies and I love to write about movies so here I am. I've been called a film critic by my friends so here I am to share my thoughts about what's new.

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