Godzilla Set To Take On King Kong For Legendary Pictures

Forget about Alien Vs Predator. Forget Freddy Vs Jason. Because the ultimate fight movie is about to happen, for a second time. Godzilla will take on King Kong after the not yet named Skull Island movie will be moving to Warner Brothers’ Legendary Pictures, according to the¬†Deadline.

Legendary Pictures gained the rights to Godzilla after last years hit movie, Godzilla (2014). It was the first time Americans were allowed to touch the famed character after Godzilla (1998). The 2014 version impressed Toho, the company who created and owns the right to Godzilla, so much they allowed the use of several other famed monsters for the sequel. The yet to be named sequel, which is set for a 2018 release, is set to star Rodan, Mothra and King Ghidorah. The film is to be written and directed by the same team who did last years Godzilla movie.

The Kong Island movie is set to be released in 2017, a year ahead of the Godzilla sequel. Kong Island is supposed to be an origin story of King Kong and the legendary island he was taken off of. The film is set to star Corey Hawking and Jason Mitchell (Straight Outta Compton) as well as Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L Jackson, Tony Kebbell and many more. It is also being written by Max Borenstein who wrote the reboot and sequel for Godzilla.

True fans will know this is not the first time Godzilla and King Kong have met. They met in 1962 when they battled in Tokyo. The movie was a crossover between both Toho and Universal, who owned the rights of¬†Godzilla and King Kong respectively. As for the winner? Well let’s just say where you saw it greatly changed the outcome of the film.

Details are still coming out for the ultimate fight reboot but we do know it is set to come out sometime after The Godzilla Sequel, which is set for 2018. As always we will keep you informed as details arise.

Written By: Zachary Smith

Hey guys you can call me Vlad. I love movies and I love to write about movies so here I am. I've been called a film critic by my friends so here I am to share my thoughts about what's new.

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