Series Premiere Review: Heroes Reborn

Heroes ended five years ago after four seasons on NBC. The culmination of the series showed Claire Bennet, played by Hayden Panettiere coming out to the world as someone who has powers. Now, Heroes Reborn shows the ripple effects of that act as the new miniseries is set after the terrorism events in Odessa, Texas.

Jack Coleman returns as Noah Bennet, the main protagonist of the show. The series starts off with his point of view of the attack and screaming Claire’s name throughout the opening scene.

With the new show comes new interesting characters with new abilities. Tommy Clarke played by Robbie Kay seemed like the one with the most interesting story. His power is to make things disappear and reappear where he thinks of. Another new interesting storyline is that of Carlos Gutierrez, a hero with a checkered past.

Sure there are heroes but what about the villains? The big cast of the show was Zachary Levi who of course played Chuck on the NBC show Chuck. His motives at the beginning is clear that he is a villain destined for revenge for his his son who died during the attack.

Where there were interesting story-lines, there were also some that seemed pretty terrible. One in particular was that of Miko Otomo. The scenes of hers were trying and made no sense. Her power was to use a katana much like Hiro Nakamura from the original show to teleport herself into a video game much like Tron, to save her father. It wasn’t very interesting but maybe it gets better as the series goes on.

Heroes Reborn looks like it has a lot of potential and after the first two hours of the series, definitely has somethings going right for it and some going wrong. I think it’s too early to tell how the show will shape out but as someone who was invested in the original show, I certainly will stick with it.

One thing that I hope they don’t do is take too long developing story-lines like they did in the original. Be sure to check out the chart below for my full analysis of Heroes Reborn.

Written By: Michael Husson

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