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Weekly Picks: NFL Week 3

Every week at OutLoud! Culture we’re going to be picking NFL matchups, both ‘Winners’ and ‘Against the spread.’  We’ve been doing this since the NFL season started, just in another forum.  You don’t need to see my record for the first two weeks so let’s just get to this weeks picks and not even look back at last week.

Wait, we have to? Alright fine, I went 7-9 picking Winners and 7-9 picking Against the Spread in Week 2 and 8-8 picking Winners in Week 1.  If this trend continues I will have a 0% winning percentage by Week 9.  So let’s not dwell in the past…ok maybe for a minute. Last week a lot of crazy things happened…


First we had that Broncos vs Chiefs game on Thursday night that ended like this…

Then “it’s a bird it’s a plane it’s” SuperCam…

…and Antonio Brown made a lot of Fantasy GMs very happy.

Meanwhile in New Orleans, the Buccaneers destroyed everyone’s “Survivor Pools

In Philly, Tony Romo went down for at least 8 weeks

…and the Raiders, ‘Skins, Browns, Bucs, Jags win on same day for first time ever

Last week definitely had its ups and down, let’s move on Belichick style and get to this weeks picks.

Featured image source: Andy Lyons/Getty Images North America

What do you think?

Written by Nick Angstadt

Follower of Jesus Christ and aspiring broadcaster/writer. Diehard Lakers fan since birth, NBA Aficionado, tortured Bengals supporter, and situational Reds enthusiast.
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