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Only Five NFL Teams in Complete Control

Cincinnati Bengals

Now, you deserve to know that I am a Cincinnati Bengals fan, growing up in the Cincinnati area the Bengals won and lost my admiration time and time again. There are times I can be bias, if you read my Weekly NFL Picks from Week 3 you saw that first hand. Good kitty. All that being said, the Bengals are in complete control of their division and a guaranteed playoff spot in the AFC.

Any talk regarding the AFC North is guaranteed to contain some mention of Ben Roethlisberger‘s sprained MCL, the Ravens historic 0-3 start, and the €œQB Controversy” in Cleveland.

For those reasons alone the Bengals are looking good, but they’ve also earned it. They took care of business in Week 1 at Oakland but since then the Raiders have gone 2-0 beating, who else, the Ravens and Browns. After beating the Chargers at home the Bengals went on the road and pulled off a gritty fourth quarter comeback against the aforementioned Ravens.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m feeling good about the Bengals and they’re almost a shoe-in to win the division but these next few weeks are going to be brutal.

Bengals Next 7 Weeks: vs Chiefs, vs Seahawks, @ Buffalo, vs Steelers, vs Texans, @ Arizona, vs Rams

Besides the Steelers those are arguably six of the top 10 best defense in the NFL, at least talent-wise. If they Bengals can pull off a winning record over the next seven games then we can start talking about that elusive playoff win, until then just enjoy this…

I mean just watch that… WHO DEY!

The last team that is in €œcomplete control†of their division might surprise you…

What do you think?

Written by Nick Angstadt

Follower of Jesus Christ and aspiring broadcaster/writer. Diehard Lakers fan since birth, NBA Aficionado, tortured Bengals supporter, and situational Reds enthusiast.
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