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Meet the Artist: 2fac3d

Midwestern producers 2fac3d are brewing up quite a storm in the dubstep scene. Their new collaboration with the legendary Figure is fast approaching its release on the latest Monsters album and promises much madness when it is unleashed on October 6th. I spoke to Tommy from 2fac3d ahead of the track’s release about their origins in the scene, their plans for the future and their experiences in the studio.

Q: How did you first experience the scene and how would you describe your music to a newcomer?

A: I grew up in the hardcore music scene way before I was ever into electronic and when I first heard dubstep it just made sense to me. Our music style is gritty and in your face, with long bass heavy drops and upbeat melodies that will bring the listener on a roller coaster.

Q: What was it like working with Figure for the new Monsters album?

A: It was such a pleasure to be honest as he is awesome to work with. We had some old stuff and he had some new ideas and it just blended so well together. The more time we put into the track the heavier it got. He is very talented and always making music; on our track he sat there then all of a sudden he was like “I’ve got it” and we worked from there.


Q: How has working with Rob [the other half of the producing duo] changed your experience producing and what would be the most valuable piece of advice you could give to a young producer?

A: The cool thing about a duo is that you have twice as many ideas. The thing that sucks is that you’re going to have to understand you are not going to agree on everything: something that I may think bangs, he isn’t into and vice versa. But it also brings a vast creative sense that sometimes can’t be put into words, you just know when it works. As far as a piece of advice I would say appreciate your sound design and always try to do something new and bring it to the table as 80% of my time is sound design. Set yourself apart from others by being creative and work hard. If you want to progress you have to immerse yourself into it. I bring my laptop almost everywhere in case I have an idea.

Q: Who would be your dream collaborators on a track?

A: The awesome thing about Rob and I is that we love the same music, but our likes are also really spread out. I would most likely settle on Snails or Midnight Tyrannosaurus, but aside from well known people I’d also like to give someone the opportunity that was given to us and work with an underground artist because there are so many talented people that are just skipped over.

Q: So what are your favourite tunes at the moment and what would your dream show be?

A: Almost everything from Funtcase and 50 Carrot but also Must Die! is really setting himself apart and doing new stuff; whenever I hear something new and creative I’m all about it. I’d probably play Rampage as it just looks like madness. Aside from that, it would be a festival from where we are from as there isn’t a better feeling than getting love from the city where you’re from.

Q: And finally, what are your plans moving forward?

A: Plans as of now are to let this track come back and get a response on it, then release another remix for Figure from his Gravity album. Then move forward to release our own EP that’s in the works as we speak!


You can check out 2fac3d on Twitter, Facebook and Soundcloud!

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Written by Robert Salusbury

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