Music Spotlight: 11 Underrated Artists

Music has many established names that sold much records and went to worldwide tours. However, they are not the only artists out there. The underrated musicians will have a spotlight now, here at OutLoud! Culture.

What are underrated musicians? These are the artists that are becoming known little by little by social media, word of mouth, getting slight buzzes around with indescribable sound that leaves most questioning what genre does it belong. When in fact, their sound has not been established by the iTunes genre list. Not many people realise they already heard one or two songs from these people or they heard it on the radio already but forgot to get the name.

Underrated Music is not something hipster in nature, generally. Instead, it is underrated in a sense that these people deserve a lot of credit for the different music they make. So here’s our top 14 underrated artists/bands (because 11 seems out of the usual)

What do you think?

Written by Arabella Duñgo

Contributing writer for Fashion and Music. Film Junkie. Music Lover. Aspiring Fashion Stylist. Art Student. 18.

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