Modern Family: The Day Alex Left for College Review

Wednesday night’s episode was refreshing in the way it handles semi-losing one of its characters. I say “semi” because I have faith that Alex will be poking her head back at the Dunphy house every so often throughout the show. The approach to make Alex excited to finally be off to college has opened more doors for the series’ future. Any fool would have made this episode sappy, but instead it’s almost a pilot for a spin-off.

Alex being the serious no-nonsense personality she is, is naturally paired with a bubbly roommate who bursts into the room. Granted she too is a genius (she is 15 after all), but she’s not the kind of person that Alex thought would be her roommate. But since Haley was there to convince her otherwise, we will be treated to more of Alex and her Cal-Tech adventures.

I was worried about Luke since season 5, so it’s a relief to finally see some change in his character and thank God he’s a hipster now. Or a wannabe, I don’t know the difference. Though Phil wants to continue with Luke being his sidekick as he tries to sell a house that is unsellable, Luke just wants to hang out with his friends at the pier (probably to read some David Foster Wallace or whatever hipsters like to do). Yet that shred of little Luke is still there when the episode ends.

The Cam and Mitch storyline felt like it was thrown in at the last second and their story is starting to become more sitcom-esque than usual. Mitch is helping with estate advice while Cam has turned the upstairs apartment in an Air B ‘n’ B (The Artful Lodgers). Their struggle in this episode felt too isolated from the main storyline which I feel should have united the family units. But I digress.

The Delgado-Pritchett house shined some light on another character, Manny. Manny has always been one of my favorite characters since the first season and the struggle to write for maturing characters is stronger in him than in Luke. Right now, Manny is just the witty one-liner of the family, unfortunately that’s all he does. Hopefully there’s more.

Meanwhile on the Andy/Haley front, nothing new to report which is good because the writers really need to rethink this one out. My prediction is that they might form a fourth family unit but it’s too early to confirm if it does happen.

In closing, “The Day Alex Left for College” was an excellent transition into a new era for the clan. Hopefully the momentum will continue.

Written By: Zachary Anderson

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