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NBA Obvious & Underlying Storylines: Atlantic Division

Boston Celtics


Obvious: Brad Steven’s Rise to ‘Elite Coachism’

We’ve seen his work over the last two years, improving a starless group of fundamental role players by 15 wins and into the playoffs where they actually played the Cavaliers tough. Sure they got swept but Lebron was working in those games, I watched them all, the last three were only won by 8 points, not blowouts. This season can’t be much different, the Celtics added talent in the draft, in the trade for David Lee, and signing the aforementioned Amir Johnson. None of those guys are the big stars necessary to move the needle, but with head coach Brad Stevens we can all expect the team to overachieve again.

Stevens has impressed many around the league, including players, and has a Chip Kelly type feel where his system is working with replacement-level NBA players. Hopefully, Stevens doesn’t buy into Kelly’s model of letting talent leave, though because that’s what they need more than anything. This roster is very interesting and in some ways redundant so it’ll be interesting to see how they perform.

Underlying: What’s Their Ceiling & Floor?

Without a true superstar, it’s going to be hard to figure out how good this team can be. They’re not the Pacers in the sense that if they lose “their Paul George” their season is over because they don’t have a Paul George, not even close. However, they’ve already made the playoffs and are certainly going to try and build on that this season with some of their acquisitions and natural player development. How far can they go, though? With several improved teams in the East could they sneak into the playoffs with another sub .500 record or will they have to best that to make it again? Then even if they do make the playoffs can they win a series or are they just treading water until they can land a superstar? It’s a question on the minds of half of NBA front offices, like this next one…

What do you think?

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