Homeland: Season Five – Review

Carrie Mathison is back in a newly reinvigorated season of Homeland.

Having skipped a couple of years from the previous season, Homeland has given new lives to all of its characters. Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) is now living in Berlin with her daughter, Frannie, working under a private sector. Saul (Mandy Patinkin) appears to still be working with the CIA as the European division station chief. Quinn (Rupert Friend) is back from well, doing Quinn.

The show is now tackling present-day issues such as ISIS and the refugee crisis. If season four didn’t do it for you, by now show-runners, Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa have redeemed themselves for the mess that was season three. Season four culminated with such grace, that nothing less was to be expected for this upcoming season.
During the season five premiere it is revealed that a fallout between Carrie and Saul occurred as they’re not on speaking terms, with Saul placing blame on Carrie for him losing out on becoming head of the CIA. As per usual there is a new man in Carrie’s life, but so far it’s more in the background of the show, unlike the relationship between Carrie and Brody. A new take on the show appears to be religion and Carrie. So far, Carrie hasn’t been shown to be religious, but in the premiere episode she went to church and prayed twice. Motherhood also leaps onto Carries new list of attributes, as daughter Frannie is now around 4-5 years old. Carrie continues to be an enigma of a character and that is not exactly a bad thing as Homeland wouldn’t be such an exhilarating show if she weren’t.

Claire Danes has continuously proved herself as one of the best actresses on television, garnering critical acclaim for her work and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon. Mandy Patinkin returns after having given his best performance during season four, a good thing as his portrayal of Saul Berenson had been quite dull and irritate up to that point. One of Homeland’s greatest attributes has been its ability to surround its star, Claire Danes, with incredibly talented actors without regards to their celebrity.

Season five triumphantly debuts as one of Homelands best seasons, yet. If you haven’t tuned in to watch the Showtime political drama, you should.

Golden Globe winner and Emmy winner, Claire Danes, returns for another stellar season of the Golden Globe and Emmy-winning drama, Homeland. Homeland airs at 9 PM on Sunday’s on Showtime.


Written By: Eric Sudias

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