Once Upon a Time “The Price” review

Note: Spoilers for Once Upon a Time episode two contained in this review

After last week’s events that lead to Emma Swan going full dark one on us with no reason why, episode two started to piece together the puzzle that led to that transformation.

It seems that Once is ditching the enchanted forest flashbacks, instead using the flashbacks scenes as a way for us to watch why and how Emma transformed.

In the Storybrooke side of things, we watched as the town went haywire once again with Emma promises something that would need a savior, fully knowing that there wasn’t one in her absence. This lead to Regina, having yet another great episode arc, as she tried to convince the town that she could be the new savior.

King Arthur and some of his subjects were also transported to Storybrooke where they learned that Regina wasn’t actually the savior, something she said in Camelot. Speaking of Camelot, the Storybrooke crew was invited to a ball in their honor and in the saviors honor.

Here we saw an attempt at Regina’s life but instead the attacker killed Robin Hood instead. Emma ended up using dark magic to save Robin’s life and as we know magic always come at a price.

This week’s episode did a great job tying the Camelot and Storybrooke stories together, by using this as the driving story element. Again Lana Parilla and Jennifer Morrison had very strong weeks as Regina’s path to the savior and Emma’s path to the dark one both were great elements.

As we continue through the season, it will be interesting to watch Emma’s full transformation and the good guys trying to get her back. Camelot has also been pretty cool to see as well, something to keep an eye on in future weeks and how King Arthur really plays in the season.

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Written By: Michael Husson

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