Fast and Furious 8 gets release date and director

F. Gary Grey has confirmed through Twitter that he will be directing the eight installment of Universal’s Fast and Furious series.

After Paul Walkers untimely death in 2013, much speciation arose to whether or not the seventh film in the series would be made. Universal decided to continue with the project and make the film using Walker’s brothers as stand-in’s.

The latest film, Furious 7, saw the departure of Walkers character, Brian O’Connor, from the series. With his departure, more freedom of direction was available in regards of the continuation and direction of the series. After Furious’ 7 massive box-office haul, Universal green-lit an eight film.

Today, Universal and director F. Gary Grey, announced that the yet untitled eighth installment will be released on April 14, 2017.

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Written By: Eric Sudias

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