First Trailer For Sherlock Christmas Special Released

Time to mix the new with the classic as the first trailer for the Sherlock Victorian Special has been released today. BBC‘s hit show Sherlock is a modern-day retelling of the classic Sherlock Holmes, but for one episode it is time to go back to where it all started. The episode, which will air on BBC on Christmas day, is taking us back to the 19th century.

In the trailer we see a mustached Watson (again), a hat wearing Sherlock, and, of course, a huge mystery. This episode is written by Mark Gatiss and is a callback to the stories that have made Sherlock Holmes a household name and a huge star for over 150 years.

For those wondering this 19th-century¬†episode is one-off and not part of a reboot or officially canon to the series we know and love. Although if we were to get these Victorian episodes on occasion I wouldn’t be complaining, time will tell if they decide to keep giving us episodes like this.


Written By: Zachary Smith

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