Modern Family: Closet Case Review

After six seasons of following the family, it comes as no surprise that “Modern Family” has become predictable. With that said, let’s talk about the episode.

Luke is apparently not a hipster anymore (thank God). But his interest in girls is a step into the right direction. Taking Manny along with him is also a good aspect. Their relationships seems to have waned in the later seasons and this resurgence is refreshing.

“Closets, Closets, Closets, Closets” is back in the family’s lives with Mitchell deciding to take on a legal case to the protest of Jay. Fortunately it all turns out to be a ruse for Jay’s rival to print an ad strictly to taunt him. But it all ends with Jay getting back his prized rolodex.

Aside from the Dunphys, there was a lot of a crossing of the family units this episode. The weakest of them has to be Gloria and Cam. Since Manny’s cheerleader hasn’t been decorating his locker, Gloria decides to do it, but Cam tells her to not because he ends up doing. That’s all for that storyline. I lost interest three minutes in.

Meanwhile, Alex and Sanjay have broken up. This being Alex’s only real relationship she’s, of course, heartbroken. In short they ended up being in the 89 percentile of couples in long distance relationships. After Luke barges in to find some gum or mouthwash before kissing college aged girls, he finds her broken. He makes the right move and decides to stay with her. It’s a great moment that shows major signs of maturity for both characters. Very sweet.

On the Haley/Andy front: It feels as if the show’s traveled back in time with the larger role that Dylan has in the Dunphy household. Now that he’s living with Haley and sleeping in the same bed. I have doubts that Haley has any true feelings of any kind for Dylan, but whatever. Andy doesn’t make an appearance in this episode. Perhaps he’s going ham on a Boston cream pie.

In short, “The Closet” case has offered little compared to the last two episodes. At this point, it can only be smooth sailing with no surprises from the show. Let’s see how next week goes.

Written By: Zachary Anderson

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