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Sicario is the next installment for Denis Villeneuve (Prisoners, Enemy), and once again he delivers a chillingly realistic drama that has human characters. With this being the third film of his that I’ve watched, I’ve been thinking that this is one of those filmmakers who you’d either follow him through his career, or you’ll just not watch his movies, because his style is realistic and slow pacing, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

The story is about an FBI agent named Kate Macy (Emily Blunt), who gets roped into the world of drugs and gangs as she tags along with a certain task force that will do anything in their power to take down the bad guys. Even if it means breaking the law, and pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes. I was actually surprised at how character-focused this film was. It had super tense scenes, and gun fights, but they were handled as if it were happening in the background while the film took its time showing how human the characters are. And I give them a lot of credit with that. The acting is superb, and I feel like every character in the film was a real person, as if I could walk up to them on the street and be like “Hey, how you doing?”

While I did like how realistic the characters are, I also think that was the film’s biggest downfall. They focus on the character so much, watching them going through life, when the film could have been focusing on more interesting aspects. As much as I loved Emily Blunt’s performance, I just didn’t care about her character, especially when she’s the lead. I’ve seen this character hundreds upon hundreds of times that I sort of got bored with her and wanted the film to focus on Josh Brolin‘s character, or Benicio Del Toro‘d character. Heck, the film could have been so much more interesting if they focused on the police officer’s little boy.

Other than the questionable character choices, the film was intense when it needed to be. So much so that you feel dread creep into your body. The music was good, and the theme throughout gave an eerie atmosphere that enforced the realistic nature that this was shot in. Denis Villeneuve is definitely an acquired taste, and I’d say cinephiles and film fans would appreciate this film more than the average movie goer. Sicario is really put together well, and the acting is very realistic, but the film falls a bit short for me on who the film chooses to follow, and story that possibly had multiple layers, but wound up being addressed in a simplistic fashion.

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