Box Office Report October 9th-11th

The box office is in for the weekend of October 11th and The Martian has won its second weekend with 37 million. The Martian is the newest film by Ridley Scott starring Matt Damon, it’s based on the book of the same name by Andy Weir. When astronaut Mark Watney (Damon) is presumed dead after a storm hits Mars, Watney is left alive and NASA and his crew must find a way to return to Mars and save him. Check out our review of The Martian.

Coming in 2nd is Adam Sandler‘s Hotel Transilvanyia 2 in it’s 3 week with 20.3 million. This is the sequel to the popular animated movie, Hotel Transylvania, which stars Adam Sandler as the vampire Dracula. Check out our review for Hotel Transilvanyia 2.

Finishing out the top 5 are:

3. Pan with 15.53 million in its opening weekend

4. The Intern with 8.66 million in its 3rd weekend

5. Sicario with 7.35 million in its 4th weekend

(H/T to Box Office Mojo)

Written By: Zachary Smith

Hey guys you can call me Vlad. I love movies and I love to write about movies so here I am. I've been called a film critic by my friends so here I am to share my thoughts about what's new.

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