American Horror Story (Hotel): Chutes and Ladders Review

Evan Peters returns to “AHS” this week’s episode. As opposed to the bad-boy with striking good looks character that he usually plays in this series, he is the psychotic serial killer and builder of the hotel James Patrick March. Apparently the Hotel Cortez was built strictly to quench March’s thirst for blood which is just the extravagant storyline that “AHS” is known for. But enough about that because Finn Wittrock also returns.

Wittrock plays Tristan Duffy a drug addicted model who has grown jaded towards the entire industry who immediately gains the interest of The Countess (Gaga). Tristan looks like he’ll fit in perfectly with the menagerie of characters at the hotel.

Meanwhile on the somewhat interesting plotline of Detective Lowe (Bentley), there’s more drama at home as his daughter discovers that her brother is not dead, but undead. Also in a “Se7en” inspired plot, he comes to the conclusion that the odd murders throughout the city are inspired by the Ten Commandments.

But more on March. Remember the strange scuba diver/knight from episode one? That’s March in his custom murder mask. There’s also a laundry chute that goes to a basement that appears to have no other entrance/exit that holds the bodies of all who have been the victims of March’s rage.

One thing puzzles me still about this season, it seems that the writers are trying to fill the void that Jessica Lange left upon her departure with everybody who has ever been in “AHS” ever. With this many characters still needing introductions in an already crowded season, I wonder how they’ll be able to do this.

Written By: Zachary Anderson

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