Column: Would a mature Batman series help or hurt the DC Universe?

As a lifelong Batman fan, I have always wanted a dark and gritty Batman television show. Not of the holy smokes, Adam West variety, but more along the lines of Christopher Nolan‘s Batman interpretation. With shows like Arrow, The Flash and now Supergirl all coming to the silver screen and having success, would a dark Batman series help the DC Universe?

Now before we dive into this, let’s think of the show Gotham as its own entity. In my opinion, Gotham had so much more potential as a premier Batman show that could have wrapped me in. With way too many villains to count and the timeline of the Batman comics being off, I just could never get into it.

Now the Batman show I would want as a fan is one where Batman is already a proven hero. No origin story, we all know the story by now. No, this Batman show would be dark and gritty and maybe even take roots from shows like Boardwalk Empire and The Wire. The show would certainly focus on Bruce Wayne and his relationships with Alfred, Commissioner Gordon and the Gotham Police Department. The kicker? Stick to one villain per season.

This would allow you to get to know the villain on a per episode basis. It doesn’t feel as gimmicky and in a mature setting could really make for some great television. Imagine an entire season focused on The Riddler, one of Batman’s greatest foes. We have never seen a great Riddler adaptation in media so having a season-long story arc with the material that The Riddler brings could be astonishing.

So getting back to the question at hand, would it help the DC Universe? Unfortunately, I don’t think it would. The Batman I want for television seems most like the Batman they are going within the new DC Universe. Ben Affleck‘s Batman seems like the one I described which is good news for the movie lovers out there.

Now with the base DC has set up in the TV universe, they can separate Grant Gustin‘s Flash to that of Ezra Miller‘s Flash in the upcoming movie. They are two entirely different entities.¬†Maybe one day a show like this could pop up and make for some great television. But with the way the DC Universe is handling things, I, unfortunately, don’t think this day will come anytime soon.


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Written By: Michael Husson

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  • Daniel Rochelle

    Reply October 19, 20151:16 pm

    Seems to me that what you are pitching here is the recent Daredevil Netflix series, but with Batman instead.

    It would probably work just fine, but with the issues that DC already face having shows like Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and Gotham split over different networks and unable to interact with the movies, I can’t see anyone really caring about it. Also, we’ve been watching “gritty” Batman for a decade now – I’d want something new from a TV series.

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