Movie Review: Crimson Peak

Before I begin the review I need to get this out of the way. Crimson Peak was marketed as Guillermo Del Toro’s epic horror film, but they lied to you. This is not a horror film, it has a creepy element to it, but ultimately this is a Gothic Romance. Okay, now that you know this let’s begin!

Crimson Peak is directed by Guillermo Del Toro (Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth, Pacific Rim) and this film tells the story of a young woman who has never felt love falls for the exciting mystery man from across the pond. Her father doesn’t trust this mystery man, and her best friend, who has a huge crush on her, gets a bit jealous when she chooses the new guy. Sounds horrifying, huh? Basically, this is your standard love story that has a Gothic creepy atmosphere with ghosts in the background.

That doesn’t mean that the ghosts are not scary, by no means are they laughable. The ghosts are like the souls of people with their skin stripped off so that you’re mostly seeing arteries, veins, blood, skeleton, basically the meat of the people. There are jump scares within the film, but they’re done tastefully and sometimes can make you jump a little. Guillermo Del Toro is a master at the creep factor, and always allows the viewer to know what’s coming before his characters do so the film is constantly under an uncomfortable atmosphere within this love story.

With all that said, I really did wish that there were more to the characters. The plot itself is a simple one and I’m sure that people would be able to figure it out pretty quickly once everyone is introduced, but the atmosphere that they put into the film really makes it better than it could have been if that makes sense. The acting was good, but I could argue that there wasn’t much for the actors to really stretch their talent. Out of everyone in the film, I’d say that Tom Hiddleston was the best and most interesting character to watch. I think he just naturally seeps suaveness from his pores, because whenever he walked into a room full of people you and everyone in the room can’t help but be enamored by his movements.

The music is very much like a period piece, just like the costumes and story. Once you hear it you instantly know exactly what time period this is in, and it also shows the soft themes of love and romance that just further shows this film is a Gothic Romance rather than a straight up horror. When it’s time for the ghosts to appear and your skin to crawl the music shifts into a darker tone that puts you right into the mood for what’s to come.

Crimson Peak is a good film, but I am afraid that if you went or are going, into this film thinking it’s part of the Halloween spirit and that you’ll be terrified I’m afraid you’ll be greatly disappointed. While some parts of the film are creepy and can send the chills down your spine, the core of the story is about a young woman finding, and going down the brutal path that is love. The ghosts and supernatural elements are more on the sidelines. The sets, acting, music are all wonderful and if you’re a Guillermo Del Toro fan then I’d say go see this. If you’re looking for a romantic bloody movie then I’d say go see this, just don’t go see this expecting Friday the 13th laughable horror.

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