The Walking Dead “JSS” Review

Note: Spoilers contained in review

Just Survive Somehow.

After an intense season six premiere of The Walking Dead, we pick back up at Alexandria during at the same time Rick and his group are executing their plan.

This week starts with Enid and her parents out in the wild as we learn they die a pretty gruesome death and she is left on her own. JSS is the theme as we see her write this in every scene. From killing a walker to shelter in a car to killing and eating a turtle, you could tell this was someone who lost her innocence much like Carl did. The introduction leaves us with Enid approaching the Alexandria gates with JSS written on her hand.

Meanwhile, back in Alexandria, Maggie tried to help Deanna with the loss of Reg by trying to motivate her to continue to grow the community and we are introduced to the town’s new doctor, Denise, who isn’t really a doctor.

The action ramped up a lot this episode where we finally find out what the horn blaring was at the end of last week’s episode. The Wolves are this year’s big antagonists and attack Alexandria. Many people fall, but none of the main characters are killed off and we finally see Killer Carol come back out.

Towards the end of the episode, we see Aaron rediscover his bag that he lost last season with the pictures of Alexandria basically meaning this is how they found the community.

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Written by Michael Husson

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