The 5 Best Bond Flicks of All-Time

1. Casino Royale (2006)

After Pierce Brosnan hung up the tux and stepped down as James Bond, the series was in desperate need of revitalization. Brosnan’s most recent efforts had not been up to snuff, devolving the franchise into a mess similar to the one left behind by Roger Moore at the end of his run. No one took the character seriously and he had essentially turned into a cartoon. That is until GoldenEye director Martin Campbell stepped in and breathed life into the 007 lore once again. Casino Royale takes our crown as the best Bond film ever made because of its dedication to a more believable James Bond. Daniel Craig brilliantly portrays Agent 007 as a complex, flawed, and vulnerable human being unlike anything we’d seen from the franchise before. The wonderfully intense reinvention of the character is topped off with a number of well-crafted set pieces, a great Bond villain/girl (the necessary combo for a top-notch Bond film), and one of the series’ most rewarding and intriguing plotlines. This is what a Bond film should be.


Written By: Simon Stock

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