Will the revolution be Digital?

Today we hear the news that Facebook have created a platform for “easier” music discovery and better “sharing” options. This new app is called, “Music Stories”…  Does this launch highlight the ever so unfortunate truth, that the music revolution will be digital? The almost pitiful name begs the question.

With the accessibility to digital music streaming apps and sharing platforms, the sale of physical records have plummeted, despite every effort to salvage the existence of Vinyl/CD sales.

On a positive note, streaming music became such a revolutionary event in the music industry with the likes of Itunes and Youtube (more recently Spotify and now ‘music stories’). We have all at some point favoured the easier method of streaming music online, and, in fact, allows for a wider spectrum of music being available to us, rather than just the stock at our local Record stores.

However, the decrease in record sales and an increase in Streaming/illegal downloading only asks the question. Has it gone too far?

We hope not. I hope not.

Do you remember buying your first record? Of course, you do. That feeling that we all remember, walking into a record store, and purchasing our favourite albums of that time, thinking that we were cool, then returning home and annoying our neighbours with the repetitive “REACH! FOR THE STARS” S Club 7 song.

There are many people exhausting their every effort to bring back the vinyl, and to some extent, it’s working. Back in April however, digital sales matched that of physical sales… for the first time… ever. It then became clear that digital means of accessing music have overpowered the traditional physical means.

Tell us what you prefer- Are you digital, or are you a physical-kinda-guy?

What do you think?

Written by Ophelia Booth

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